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Nikola Maricic - wushunikolas 教練馬司洋氣功太極拳澳門香港 冠軍的搖籃 - 健康 - 運動

Learn #taichi #qigong with #master #sifu #wushunikolas everywhere, practice everywhere, everyday we need health and all kinds of flows in our bodies

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RT @wushunikolas: CV by coach in Macau teaching Qigong Wushu also in Hong Kong, Beijing, Okinawa, Croatia, Italy

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Amazing event Hong Kong Qigong Health day attracted thousands people #ireport

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@Tichek61 dobrodosao.

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World Taichi and Qigong Kung Fu Day Macau via @wordpressdotcom

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Hong Kong Qigong Health day attracted thousands people - CNN iReport - share please

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Hong Kong Qigong Health day in response to World taichi and qigong day

Hong Kong Qigong health day was held this year for 4th year organized by and gathered elite from Hong Kong medical society, Many Sifu (Masters) of Qigong (among them also Sifu Nikola Maricic wushunikolas from Croatia now teaching in Macau and sorounding area) and many students more then one thousand doing few sets , some of them are done in Hospitals in China or Hong Kong, some of them are done for adding to cancer treatments, some of them are sport. 4 years in a row Hong Kong Qigong health day is concentrated on Qigong, special in healing effects. Each year breast cancer survivors demonstrate a special Qigong form that was designed as a rehab intervention. This was essentially due to the leadership and hard work of Dr. Grace Luk (Wai Sum Luk), organizer of this amazing large event in Hong Kong (more about Sifu Master Luk in text bellow) Watch part of "Hong Kong Qigong Health Day 2015 響應世界太極氣功日-2015香港氣功健康日-歡迎參加!" on YouTube - and at


Beautiful performance for World Taichi and Qigong day by my students and a guest Chinese Professor Wang in Croatia

thank you instructor Zeljka Dermit​ for organising it and bringing such great energy to it with Taoist Qigong exercises, pushing hands and 24 taijiquan form Watch "Svjetski TaiChi i Qigong Dan - World Taichi and Qigong day" on YouTube -響 應世界太極氣功日-2015香港氣功健康日-歡 迎參加! 也 祝賀大會員圓滿成功!!致 香港各界友好、媒體、本會貴賓及會員:傳 上5月10日「第四屆全港氣功健康日」資料,荃灣蕙荃體育 館 誠邀 閤下出席參與此一年一度的全港體育養生活動,既有觀賞性,亦可親自參與體驗多種不同氣功功 法。是當日母親節的好去處,歡迎一家大小同來,也歡迎代為廣傳。自 然健身氣功會  查詢:00852 24155113      2015年全港氣功健康日 一年一度大型氣功養生體育活動 教 練師傅馬司洋氣功太極拳品勢澳門香 港 冠軍的搖籃  - 健 康 - 運動  勤練氣功,健體又強身  Master Coach and Athlete Nikola Maricic 馬司洋  LIFE CHAMPIONS HOME  Mobile 00853 66882452  QQ

Wechat/Weixin/Line id wushunikolas

 Qigong TaiChi  Wushu Taekwondo, Poomsae, Kyorugi -  will teach you correct body structure through external and internal exercises,

 how to transform stress into vitality and creativity - prolong life - improve quality of life - balance emotions - develop intellect - strengthen body - gain flexibility,

 power, coordination, concentration, study habits, conditioning and self confidence

     About coach Master Coach and athlete Nikola Maricic      Offering Private and group classes SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES  -  Workshops, Schools, Businesses, Sports Clubs, Universities  大家好,下面我將介紹上臺表演的節目。  首 先我要展示的是七星氣功,剩下的時間我會表演混元氣功。七 星氣功七星功(7式)是1962年由Hu MeiGi大師創立的,Humeigi師父是中國氣功科學研究協會的顧問 和講師,他結合太極拳,易筋經,五形和多種體育運動創立了七星氣功,它動作簡單優雅,活動身體各個關節,促進血液循環,改善體質,延年益 壽。

混 元氣功,是最古老的氣功(12式),由12式冥想練習組成,主要由著名的道家師父胡耀貞(1879-1973)及其弟子陳氏太極拳大師馮 誌強創立和發展而成。混元是道家哲學和冥想修煉最古老和中心的思想。混意指渾然壹體,意與形的產生在於不將世界劃分為種種概念。換句話 說,混是內在的沈默。元意指起源或最初的。

胡 耀貞最有名的著作是寫於1963年的《五禽戲》(從彭庭俊師父那裏學得)和成書於1959年的《氣功及保健功》。尤其是後面這本書,再版 為《保健氣功》,書中包括傳統氣功系統的解說,包括站樁,按摩功,周田功,易筋經,祛病延年二十式,同時在飲食睡眠和養神方面都有寶貴的 建議。

 Coach and athlete Nikolas is happy to be part for this documentary about Misteries of Taijiquan and more then happy to share the misteries via teachings and presentationson stages around the world  Whole video here from 2.52 to 2.59 here you can see in red pants and white t-shirt 

master Nikolas under guidance of world Wushu Champion Qiu Hui Fang and 5th generation Yang style Master Cui Zhong San member of comitee of Beijing Wushu Association  太极拳秘境 第一集_《运动空间》栏目精彩视频_视频_央视网Here You can see 20minutes demo and presentations videos of coach and athlete Nikola Maricic  


Born to well-known western medicine physician, Dr. Luk Fei Yuk, Dr. Grace Luk determined to follow her father’s footsteps. After graduating from  Taipei Medical University, she has been practicing medicine for over 34 years and is also currently a vice president of  the Association of Licentiates of Medical Council of Hong Kong (ALMCHK).Aside from her accomplishments in the medical profession, Dr. Luk has been well respected in the  martial arts community. She studied Seven Star Praying Mantis and other martial arts from the most renowned Praying Mantis Grandmaster  Chen Zhen Yi at age 6. By 9, she had a demonstration at a major martial art exhibition in Macau. In college, she co-founded a collegiate Chinese martial art club and taught Praying Mantis and Tai Chi. After she established her private practice and gave birth to her daughter, with her husband’s support, she re-emerged in the martial arts arena and took gold medals in the Hong Kong Traditional Wushu Open in 1990. In 1991, she participated in the first  International Shaolin and Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou, China and won first places in a Tai Chi bare hand form and a Tai Chi weapon form. She continued to compete at the Hong Kong Elite Chinese Martial Art Tournament and won gold medals in three consecutive years in her early 40’s. She has since retired from competition, but has concentrated on teaching and coached a few medalists. She has served as a head judge for international tournaments. She founded a Wushu coach association in Hong Kong and published a Wushu journal.

During the peak of her competition career, Luk’s interest of martial arts started to migrate from techniques and skills to how martial arts influences human body. She started to concentrate on the nurturing aspect of martial arts. She began to teach Qigong as well as research it. She authored articles on martial arts and health. Qigong is an internal nourishing exercise. Dr. Luk said that a practitioner has to go deep inside his own body to find balance and harmony. During the practice, one must use intend (or Yi) to guide the Qi movements and all movements must be soft, relaxed, slow and continuous.

She used Tai Chi Qigong 18 form as a framework, and modified it based on human biology and anatomy. She revamped the traditional teaching method. She also emphasized on mental training to make practice more effective. She named her form “Internal Qigong 18”. She has taught patients and seniors this form. In general, the feedback from patients and seniors is improved circulation and shortened recovery times. She also co-founded the  Nature Health Qigong Association to promote health and life nurturing via Qigong.At the urge and assistance of an oncologist and medical director, Dr. Luk designed a special Qigong form for breast cancer patients five years ago. The focus is the neck, the shoulders and the upper body. After training, patients reported improvements both physically and emotionally as well as sleep quality; they gained flexibility in the arms and hands and their swelling abated much quicker. This breast cancer patient targeted Qigong certainly was proven to be helpful. At the end of last year, Dr. Luk designed another routine for cancer patients of the ear, nose and throat (ENT) and the focus is on the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the nose and the throat in addition to the neck. There is also a research supported and participated by Drs. Shirley Fong, William Tsang and the prestigious  Hong Kong UniversityThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University and  The Hong Kong Institute of Education.4 years in a row  the Nature Health Qigong Association sponsor the WTCQD celebration featuring breast cancer survivors along with other Qigong practitioners including children. Besides the breast cancer targeted Qigong, Internal Qigong, it also exhibited Chinese Health Qigong, the form sanctioned and promoted by the Chinese government. It was very impressive and successful. More at Svjetski TaiChi i Qigong Dan (priznat od strane Svjetske Zdravstvene Organizacije) drevna i moderna

 borilacka i terapeutska vjestina koje su dio kineske kulture kao i kineske tradicionalne medicine,

U organizaciji sluzbenog predstavnika za RH Trenera majstora Nikola Maricic-a i pod vodstvom instruktorice 

Zeljke Dermit. 

Majstor trener Nikola je medjunarodni prvak u Kini 2007. pred 20.000 gledatelja , natjecanje je u kalendaru IWUF-a

i koji je Bio gost emisija na nacionalnoj HRT televiziji kao sta su Govorimo o Zdravlju, Dobro Jutro Hrvatska,….
Majstor trener Nikola (28 godina iskustva) uveo je Hrvatsku u IWUF medjunarodni wushu savez kao punopravnu clanicu

  1. godine uz vise godina rada prije toga da se to i ostvari te je 2007 i 2009 se natjecao na svjetskim wushu
    prvenstvima, prvak je Europe u taijiquan taichi te prvak Mediterana. 

Svjetski Taichi i Qigong Dan u Zagrebu 25 travnja u 10 sati u parku Maksimir kod pozornice, 

neke koristi od ucenika majstora Nikole Maricica
sada u Zagrebu poducava instruktorica Zeljka Dermit, dok trener majstor Maricic poducava u Kini.

Ove godine svjetski taichi i qigong dan organiziran od strane ucenika majstora Maricic-a pod vodstvom 
 Zeljke Dermit uciteljice talijanskog skole Benvenuti ( ) , 
u Parku Maksimir vec drugu godinu, dok majstor Maricic organizira ovaj dogadjaj od 2000. godine 
pocevsi na otoku Rabu, 2001 i 2002 u Rijeci, od 2003 do 2013 u Zagrebu te vec drugu godinu u Makau, Kina. 
Ovaj iscjeljujuci dogadjaj organizira se u preko 80 zemalja svijeta u 10 sati ujutro po lokalnom vremenu 
tako da iscjeljujuci val ide preko planete od zone do zone dok ne prodje cijelu planetu. 
Prikljucite se ovom predivnom dogadjaju u kojem  god gradu se nalazite u svijetu, provjerite svoj grad na
na donjoj slici je svjetski taichi i qigong dan , Hong Kong qigong zdravstveni dan pod vodstvom lijecnika i majstora
majstor Maricic poducava u Kini te je pozvan vec drugu godinu na Hong Kong Qigong Zdravstveni Dan
 i prezentirao pred vise od tisucu vjezbaca Health Qigong-a  

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Nikola Maricic - wushunikolas 教練馬司洋氣功太極拳澳門香港 冠軍的搖籃 - 健康 - 運動

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