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Nikolas Maricic - wushunikolas 馬司洋 尚武

Sharpen your long Yang style Taijiquan form , in 29 parts, you can do few parts a day or all in one day, or one part a day so you finish entire form in one month....i prefer you do at least 30 minutes at a time. When Master talk about details i prefer you stay in last posture to feel it , to feel what you learned at a time. Also this is continious flow youtube video so if you dont have unlimited internet connection then dont open now . Enjoy , learn, and get benefit that only real TaijiquanTaichi can give you

Do it with me, follow , to get internal and external health, healthy mind and body, alos can use as mental training before important competition or bussines meeting or important exam and study before exam,.. this video i made in 2002 yet i stil use the methods so do it with me and share

Join us feel great all over the world with taichi and qigong

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Nikolas Maricic - wushunikolas 馬司洋 尚武

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