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jackiechan #andylau #wushunikolas

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https://t.co/FbQ56iu6VV Coach Nikola experience in China

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InstaMagAndroid #wushu #qigong #taijiquan #chenjiagou #konfucijevinstitut #confuciusinstitute… https://t.co/6tn89iaUfi

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first time in class at #confuciusinstitute #konfucijevinstitut #chinesecultureweek… https://t.co/Vs5Nh9ldkJ

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With great actor and friend #jesseeisenberg #wushunikolas as stand in. With Jesse are Merritt and Jack stand ins #NYSM2 #nowyouseemetwo #nowyouseeme #nowyouseemesecondact

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Training Training Training is secret to success and perfect training is secret to Mastery, and for perfection needs a lots of repetitions and lots of mistakes along the way, dont escape mistakes otherwise your mastery will be only in your words not real

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http://t.co/KqIOWAI23v http://t.co/3ImXQ7fp34 watched last night this amazing movie about value of dreams and goals. Also Cui Zhong San...

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