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Nikolas Maricic - Wolf 尚武

InstaMagAndroid From 10th International #000Shaolin Wushu Festival amazing

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InstaMagAndroid From 10th International #Shaolin #Wushu Festival amazing

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60,000 exponents showcase their unique skills in Henan - CCTV News - English

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It was apsolutely amazing to see 60 thousand performers for the Opening Ceremony

here is CCTV from Shaolin Wushu Festival enjoy and motivate you to come next time

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it was amazing to see all those love for Shaolin Wushu, i loved it here, i had training for duanwei, pass the exam and also competing won silver and bronze medal , meet wondrefull friends, it is unforgetable, life time memory that is to be shared all the time. SeeYou next Festival in Shaolin and also you can come in april in Macau Wushu Festival

This was absolute ly amazing I love it, so touching

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Nikolas Maricic - Wolf 尚武

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