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Nikolas Maricic - Wolf 尚武 Master Coach and athlete Nikolas Maricic this year attended 2 events one in Macau on 26 april and one in Hong Kong Qigong Health Day 2014 27. april in response to World Taichi and Qigong Day organised by Nature Health Qigong Association and Heung Yee Kuk New Territories. This year was biger event with many organisations and guests from all over , especialy exercise against cancer groups, and one of the guests was Master Sifu Lee Chang-Chih with his traditional and fun qigong , i also received a gift from him a book and DVD with computerized showing od meridians flow for each exercise in Baduanjin form. Organiser of this event is Master and Doctor Luk Wai Sum and she did amazing job in this event. Once upon a time a wushu and taekwondo coach saw on CNN that first World day will be in 2000., and in 1999. started to prepare for this NOW in 2014. GLOBAL HEALING EVENT in 2015 come join me last saturday in april at 10 am or join one in your city. all information are on organiser website

@incheonAG2014en i would be so much honored if i can represent Macau in next Asian games Wushu disipline taijiquan

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reminder tomorrow (sunday) at 10 come and follow me FREE in amazing chinese self healing and self power exercises at Nam Van lake sea side (near Mc Donalds) Bring friends and family. More here: celebrating world arthritis day in Macau with exercises that ancients doctors and emperors in China used for health, beter performance in all areas of life (business, sport, sex,...) and longevity. Open link for more details

saw her in 80ies and got ingterested in Wushu even more i just found she is Donnie mother few years ago

hahaha fighting without fighting , that is it


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join, visit and share this report World Arthritis Day 2014 by increasing vital energy #ireport

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total respect so you believe kicking above waist is waist of time and energy , look at this and see it self mastery is the thing , not if you can kick or punch someone thats easiest to do

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