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  • Considering Importing Your next Car?

    Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 10:48PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Grey imports are vehicles which can be imported outside the major dealer network. The dealer network typically feel under threat from these cars since they are generally cheaper than the UK cars. This was particularly the truth ten years ago if the pound was high on the exchange rates and when the press nicknamed this stretch of time 'rip off Britain'.

    Unfortunately it was quite a bit less clear cut as a rip off. The two main elements were exchange rates and VAT. Rules with VAT imply the Value Added Levy on planes, boats and vehicles is chargeable for the country of registration in lieu of purchase. All the vehicle manufacturers were actually looking to keep the vehicle prices as level as you can. The basic list price in Europe must be lower to allow people to all the countries the same actual cost. This is where the particular loop hole was created. This 'loophole' was exploited had to have five years before the effectiveness of the pound and your Euro leveled out.

    Importing cars is now almost something of the past. There are still some cars imported but this practice is currently greatly reduced. There were also some drawbacks as the specification of the cars can be targeted for the particular country that they can were originally designed regarding. One example of this will be that in england we like our included security features, and different appearance selections (like alloy wheels to go with our premium auto tyres!), whilst in other countries these features will not be fitted to the automobiles as standard. Therefore the perceived saving could possibly be drastically less than you think it might be once you add in the cost of taking your car for the local garage to fit the features you want on your make as well as model.

    Another issue that can certainly face grey imports is actually rust protection. All cars sold in the UK market are undersealed. This is for acceptable reason as we salt our roads to help you ensure that they just don't freeze in winter ailments. There was a case lots of years ago of a vehicle that had been imported from outside Europe which was completely corroded underneath. This vehicle was so bad that when it went on to some ramp in the storage, the ramp went with the floor of the automobile! This vehicle was merely 5-6 years old here but the owner couldn't claim back the costs. The vehicle was efficiently a write off, so if you do import a motor vehicle make sure it will be properly protected from rust!

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