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  • The Difference Between Trolling And Discussing

    Friday, Jul 24, 2009 4:03AM / Standard Entry

         I wouldn't think I would have to tell you this, but it seems some people have yet to grasp the concept. In a recent post, someone trolled and I really didn't appreciate it. This person will obviously try to pass me off as mad because he had such killer arguments, and I'm just mad because he disproved me and my friends, but it's not that at all. If you've followed me for any length of time you'll know that I encourage discussion and even if it leads to me being disproved than I'll take it because I'm out to learn and not necessarily prove that I'm always right.

         Discussion is when someone asks a question or makes a statement to a fellow blogger, not even necessarily the host, and the fellow blogger answers the comment and begins talking in civil terms about the topic. Keep in mind, while discussing on a third party site, that they may not appreciate fifty comments coming from two people, so if it gets too long or the host asks you to leave than be sure to take it elsewhere. I personally don't mind if two people want to discuss for as long as they want on my site as long as they are keeping things low key and aren't using profanity, but some bloggers are not like me. Just be courteous and always keep in mind those around you. More Here...


  • Reflections - Don't Let Life Pass You By

    Friday, Jul 24, 2009 3:33AM / Standard Entry

    The following will make me sound like an I'm old woman, but it’s been something on my mind that I want to share with anyone and everyone who will listen!

    I’m gonna be 21 this month! (whut whut!) but what the mess!? Since when did time start to fly so fast? I know it happened at some point…. but it’s so long ago I can’t remember. Where has the summer gone? The year? Where are the last 5 years?!?! I was just 17, reflecting on my last days of “childhood”. I was just 16, excited to get my license. I was just 14, counting down the days till I could get my drivers permit on a crudely made cardboard car with numbers on it, crossing off each day as they passed. 12, on the cusp of teenage-hood. 9, excited to be getting into the “double digits”. I was just 5, having a blast on merry go rounds and the sit-and-spin!!! WHAT THE HECK! At what point did I start to reminisce with friends and be able to say “man that was like 10 years ago!” More Here...


  • How to Have Your Own Hello Kitty Wedding

    Thursday, Jul 23, 2009 4:51AM / Standard Entry

    I confess: I love Hello Kitty. And I'm 25.

    But while I'll cop to enjoying a stuffed animal or two, some people have such hots for HK that they incorporate her into the most sacred event of their lives: their weddings.

    Let's see how Hello Kitty maniacs have squeezed the cute character into every aspect of their big days. More Here...


  • Heroes, Sung or Otherwise....

    Thursday, Jul 23, 2009 4:28AM / Standard Entry

    This morning the reporter mentioned the word "criminal" in conjunction with the cost to the city of Los Angeles for services provided for Michael Jackson's funeral. I didn't watch any of the public spectacle, but I wondered at it. I remember when other famous musicians and celebrities have died, but I don't remember much about their funerals, perhaps because those events were mostly private. I don't recall any government entity having to incur "criminal" costs of their behalf. Was Michael Jackson such a hero that he deserved this recognition, even in death? More Here...


  • Losing Friends Through Social Networking Sites

    Thursday, Jul 23, 2009 3:51AM / Standard Entry

    I recently joined twitter and then I thought well now what's the point of someone asking me what I'm doing this weekend or what I've been up to because they can just look at my twitter page and find out.

    Social networking sites make it so easy to keep in contact with friends and family, even meet new people, but how many of those people would you consider a real friend? I have over 250 friends on facebook. Now I don't add random people or accept friend requests from someone I don't know. At some point in life I've met and/or associated with all of my facebook friends, but out of all those people I probably only talk to and hang out with about 5 of them regularly. In real life, I probably wouldn't even consider many of them friends or even acquaintances. They're simply just facebook friends. More Here...


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