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  • Myself and People Myself and People

    Friday, Oct 16, 2009 11:45AM / Standard Album
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    Hello people!

    So I got myself an account a while back, when my good friends Tim and Karin invited me to join. So I joined...and then I forgot about it.

    And for some very strange reason, I decided to google my own name today, and was reminded of the fact that I had an account here. I logged on, and saw that 17 people have viewed a pretty much empty profile...

    I apologize wholeheartedly to those 17 people :)

    Let's see if this deadnotalive thing will stick with me. It seems pretty cool! Enjoy the pictures! Filmmaking is great!



  • I love to travel and go on adventures. Maybe that’s because I’m a German Vietnamese American who is a citizen of the world. I also love to discover perfection in the obscure...


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