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That’s my movie! So bummed I can’t be there, but they don’t let highly pregnant people fly at this point.… https://t.co/8Yml4X0EXl

@CrazyRichMovie trailer dropped today. Check it out and then go see it in theaters August 17! It’s good and totally… https://t.co/78xGrwm4tm

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If you close your eyes @azizansari and @Eminem kind of have the same voice! 😂

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@yokosukie @SBOEDist12 @_littledrizzy In this day and age, we actively have to tell ourselves to stay courteous, don’t we?

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@SBOEDist12 @_littledrizzy I misspoke. Shouldn’t have called you ‘sir’.

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@SBOEDist12 @_littledrizzy Drake is the future. You, sir, are definitely going to be a thing of the past.

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RT @NBCNews: No one should eat romaine lettuce — or any lettuce at all, CDC now warns https://t.co/OJV29m0fEM

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@niccolethurman Sometimes I retweet something but with a amended with a comment of my own. So then my retweet is no… https://t.co/9hXqUq3Nrh

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And I should add, thank you for your service.

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Happy viewing! I look forward to meeting you all!


Los Angeles, United States
June 5, 2009

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