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RT @kangaroo5383: 💕 “On Whiskey and Wonder Woman” — @NadineTruong https://t.co/n969b143wj https://t.co/2rctaaZfWf

@politico "What else can I say that makes me seem like an angelic, sweet princess"

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What do you know? Liar-in-chief really does know fake media exists. In his hotels that is. https://t.co/YMIdtwLUW0

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RT @ThePenAndCamera: New post up: "On Whiskey and Wonder Woman" https://t.co/cgOWCfUDJi https://t.co/PQGBzq1Fq4

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This thread. Memories are important. https://t.co/2l0fEqRd1Q

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@hlnkim Me too.

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@hlnkim Was her hair really short?

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RT @mollyhc: DeVos's pick for the head of federal financial aid is still the CEO of a private student loan co. Weirdly, this isn't in ED pr…

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RT @Variety: Patty Jenkins is already working on a #WonderWoman sequel https://t.co/NF2FNLgrD5 https://t.co/eWwm1LFnvj

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@TIME She'll return to her golden sheets at the end of the day, congratulating herself for "fighting for women" aft… https://t.co/gTxhdQTHFV

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Happy viewing! I look forward to meeting you all!


Los Angeles, United States
June 5, 2009

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