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It's safe to say that I'm a huge fan of Ernest Hemingway. Through his works, I realized that we don't all have to be such flowery writers, and that short simple prose can have a strong effect on the reader. The use of detail is minimal, but when employed it becomes very powerful. I used to be very self-conscious about my limited vocabulary, because English isn't my native tongue (German and Vietnamese are). Growing older, I have now come to accept my short comings as strengths. Sent via @planogr.am #planyourgrams

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Was photographing my studly husband, when the tables turned and he took a few snaps of me. I will post portraits I take of people in the near future, but until then, enjoy my mug! Selfies and Instagram portraiture have always fascinated me. There's something narcissistic about it, but also creatively freeing. Selfies are self-expression, a label usually only reserved for "art", and in this day and age it's available to everyone at the press of a button. Remember when we would put up posters of our favorite singers or actors? Now there's a way to...Read more

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Motivation Monday: Need to finish my revisions and work on soooo many projects! Every day is Monday for me. Always so full of false starts and doubt that I'm writing junk! Grrrr! #josephheller

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Hello world! To combat writer's block, which cripples me often, I will begin to collect ways to keep inspiration going on this Instagram and on a reimagined and newly improved blog. It will combine my writing/film journey, yoga musings, and some fashion and lifestyle tidbits. I will also share excerpts of screenplays and short stories. In the next few weeks you'll witness a few social media transformations, but know that at the core I'm still just good ole Nadine, who is an optimist, who still loves her sriracha, and who continues to laugh and cry about t...Read more

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Word Wednesday: "Just a bag and a book building a new brand." #alliteration #wordwednesday… https://t.co/qbhasfXdEd

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First #yoga post in months. Today I dared myself to a full 90 min regular home practice and it was humbling and so educational. I hadn't practiced as regularly while working in New York on the film. Then life happened with wedding celebrations and travels and eventually an illness and a surgery. All sorts of excuses. I lost strength, flexibility, balance... But by coming back to the mat, I learned something new about myself. Because I had such a fear of tearing wounds open, I paid extra attention to my healing process, especially in my abdomen and core area, where...Read more

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Motivation Monday. This lady is kicking my butt into gear. And she makes me look fabulous! 💋💋💄👠 #newfriends #bloggerlife #creativity

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@jwoo33's view is so boring. #downtownla #dtla #skyscrapers

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The virtual world be like woah! #virtualreality #googlecardboard #3d #sundance2016

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New chapter of my life, new hairdo! Had an amazing time getting to know you, @beautystylelist, and am so excited to hang out more and do some fun, creative work together! 😍 Thanks for making me look cool! And thanks for introducing us, @stylebyrosetran! #haircut #bayalage #assymetry #shorthair #messyhairdontcare

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Happy viewing! I look forward to meeting you all!

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