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We will keep resisting. #NOTMYPRESIDENTSDAY #ColumbusCircle #resist #RESISTANCE https://t.co/BDSU7IQ6LR

@ananavarro @WSJ Leecher-in-law

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RT @brianklaas: Today, we are paying for: -Secret Service for Trump sons in Dubai to open hotel -3rd $3m trip to Mar-a-Lago in a row -NYC s…

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@Momastery another way to #GrabYourWallet Well done!

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@AdviceToWriters touché

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RT @GeorgeTakei: Rep Chaffetz, head of Oversight, asked Justice not to investigate Flynn, but rather the very bureau leaks that nailed him.…

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RT @ConstanceWu: @jonmchu @THR so grateful and excited for this too!

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RT @jonmchu: #StarringConstanceWu #literally blown away how talented &amazing this woman is. And we get 2make history together! https://t.…

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Coffee shops are the perfect place for eavesdropping and transcribing dialogue and speech patterns. #writerslife #amwriting

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He cries "fake news" like it's a wolf. It's losing its potency each time you cry it. Haven't reached day 30 yet. https://t.co/FzwqmdSeoB

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Happy viewing! I look forward to meeting you all!


Los Angeles, United States
June 5, 2009

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