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https://www.facebook.com/mtvasia/posts/10156360089058556 Calling all music producers in SEA! MTV Asia Sony Music Singapore & Umami Records - SG are looking for one hot producer to work on an upcoming single with Evanturetime featuring #MMLAlumni Jon Chau and Benjamin Kheng of The Sam Willows (New EP to also feature some of Singapore's finest Charlie Lim & Linying - check the like on details on how to submit your entry. Happy Weekend, Team MMLive

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T-1 hour to seeing these music heavyweights at the helm at the much anticipated Singapore International Jazz Festival! Get them tickets before it’s too late - https://www.sing-jazz.com/2018/tickets

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Data breach hits fitness app https://t.co/8ZtcA0iQJ3

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Next 6 months are the most important in F1 history https://t.co/UGRCAlL3gT

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Baseball plans to hit homerun in China with Tencent deal https://t.co/mZ50eH1rNU

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Shaq named eSports team GM https://t.co/lfgw0g3klK

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Hong Kong hosts largest girls rugby tournament in the world https://t.co/WF4oRHn30g The progress of rugby 7’s conti… https://t.co/1GKxE7s1ip

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Who benefits most from Spotify IPO? https://t.co/LakyvZ7zbn Unsurprisingly unconventional, Spotify’s listing is abo… https://t.co/5Vs38mOBwG

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SONY cashes in $260 million worth of Spotify shares https://t.co/HKfqg2KaQb

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How Coke’s Spotify investment will pay off https://t.co/g0CIoB7Ptl

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