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Step into the world of M1ldl1fe.

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RT @juicesg: TIME EXTENSION: Register for @musicmatters before it's too late https://t.co/rCFebIColv #MM17 https://t.co/U0K2rXpf7Y

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Fresh out of the oven: Inch takes us back to the 90s with her infectious new single, 'Simple Kind of Life'.

Also, spotting this #MMAlumni boogieing with the robot man in this MV is probably the best thing we've seen all week!

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Paying homage to the city of Manchester that took them in with arms wide open, FAIRCHILD will be donating all proceeds for “Neighbourhoods Pt.2” to the British Red Cross in light of the recent tragic event that took place at Manchester Arena.

Help support the band and the city of Manchester by sharing this with your friends and family. #ourneighbourhood


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Five fingers up for this new(ish) Bastian Baker track! We're absolutely hooked. #MMAlumni

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Sending good vibes and cheer to GOODLUCK, our 2015 #MMAlumni, for clinching the Best Pop Album award at the recent South African Music Awards (SAMAs)! Well deserved win for the talented trio to say the least 🙌🏻

Check check checkkkit — www.soundcloud.com/goodluck

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We're extending our Call for Bands application deadline! Final chance to apply for a spot to perform live in front of key entertainment industry influencers and executives from around the world this Sep 9 - 13 in Singapore at #MM17 🤘 ➝ goo.gl/BxT7mw

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Keep your eyes peeled for The Sam Willows' new music video drop for 'Keep Me Jealous' out today!

Watch it first on Bandwagon at 10am. Sony Music Entertainment

The global touring YouTube FanFest hits Manila tonight. Tune in to the live feed at 7pm MNL/SGT https://t.co/C5fys4gsjm

Microsoft to build AI into everything https://t.co/H2AcbDFbNy


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