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Passion For Música

Many of us tend to make resolutions towards the end of each and every year but how many of you actually strive hard to achieve it? Do you?This friend of mine truly believe in his dreams and he worked hard to make it real!Please spare a minute to check out this album which is his second project Vol.2. It's not just about the beauty of cultural music but the true heart of someone who's so passionate about music and his dreams!The album is only €7.50 and can be purchased from the link below or send an email to Read more

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T(H)REE vol. 2 - PORTUGAL, FILIPINAS E SINGAPURA - Festa de lancamento

T(h)ree Vol 2 is an album that celebrates creativity and cross-cultural dialog by joining musicians from Philippines, Portugal and Singapore in unique musical partnerships. The idea for this project comes not only with the commitment to materialize a meeting of cultures but also the urgent desire to encourage local music production, taking it away from its borders, reaching distant territories, forming new contacts and starting a musical relationship that otherwise would nev...Read more

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MAYBANK the unreliable bank ever!

I've not been blogging much lately but never know I'm here to share a very sad experience which I've encountered last Tuesday, 15 March 2011.For those who are not Malaysians, you might have not heard about this bank. MAYBANK is the longest established bank in Malaysia but it's also well known for the most fraud cases and I'm 1 of the many victims today. I've made my credit cards payment via internet online MAYBANK2U.COM last Monday and not long after that I received an email which I thought it's f...Read more

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Soler Rocks!!


Yeah went all the way from Malaysia to Hong Kong & Macao just to catch Soler's performance lately & needless to say, I've no regrets (yeah maybe I do cos I'm going to miss their coming 12th Nov's show....arrggghh..:().


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Life is just like a camera....

Click..snap..snap...snap.. Life is just like a camera. We gets to see things at different angles. Sometimes we are so blinded or confused that we tend to lose our focus & we'll be lost with a blur vision.

A beautiful piece of photograph is not necessary something or someone you captured clear & near, it's the moment that we should treasured cos everything will be so different in another minute.

I've learnt to see things better everyday & it's a pleasant surprise how interesting life c...Read more

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Why were hurricanes normally named after women?

My friend gave us an interesting Q&A today, here it goes...


A: "Because when they come, they're wild and wet. But when they go, they take your house and car with them."

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Helpless again...

Why I'm not there when my friend needed me? Why can't I be financial stable to at least help my friend out? Argghhh... I felt so helpless now. All I can do is just tell stupid jokes which is not funny at all, even I myself, never laugh at it!! God, I'm sincerely praying here & I hope my dear friend could get the blessing from you, to be strong & may all his worries be gone. I really wanna see the smile on him again! Thanks God!

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Running out...

Will a clown ever ran out of tricks, jokes, gifts & balloons?? Yes..

Will the  TV ran out of programmes? Yes or maybe not...

Will this mighty earth ran out of air, water & sun? Yes, God knows..

Will you ran out of smile & laughter? Yes, sometimes...

Will you ever ran out of memories? Never..never...

We know that but why do we often complain & question ourselves?? 

Always remember when you think you're left with nothing, you'll still have memories with you. Be it sweet or s...Read more

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Supreme sunday on my own..;)

Home alone again....

My lunch...

My dinner...spend so much time preparing this but never know the portion turned to be so huge..could not even finish 1/4 of it & had to throw it away. How I wish someone is here to share my meal with me...

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A complicated TV remote control

Minutes ago, I thought I will have lots to blog tonight but somehow or rather, my head is totally blank now.

Our heads (mind) is just like a tv remote control. There're so many channels but there's only 1 tv screen. We are greedy at times, we want to watch horror, comedy, travel or living & etc at 1 time but it's rather impossible & we'll end up switching channels & not being able to finish watching the entire show. Same applies to life... making life so complicated & incomplete all the ...Read more

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