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memoirs of AGENT BLACK entry 2:


Entry 2:


November 1956


Momma fell ill the day the Louis Jordan released his new song “Somebody up there digs me”.  I went to Midland Record Store to pick it up for her.  I wasn’t a fan of Jordan but Momma loved the way that man sang.  “Something about the way he smiled makes me feel like I know that man”, she would say.  Come to think of it Momma would say she was somehow related to anyone who liked to smile.  That was the last album I bought for her, Momma passed a mon...Read more

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Memoirs of AGENT BLACK




Oct 23 1945: Any time Momma was upset with me, she would say she went to the gates of heaven to ask the good lord to let me be born.  It was her way of instilling the fear of god into me at a young age.  Pop being a pastor and all didn’t help.  I guess then it was god that made me who I am.  Did he make a good man?  I’ve tried my best.  This is my story.  


Momma would say Jackie Robinson was a thief.  He stole the sunshine the day I was born because all the folks in ...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Aug 28


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mad max vs. kim jong il

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This summer has been huge for movies. When the economy is down people seem to escape at the movies…Movies have made a huge impact on my life…as a kid my imagination was nurtured through them. I have to give credit to my pops…he was a huge movie buff …he didn’t have the most sophisticated taste in films.  But he knew what he liked.  Every so often pops would take us to a double feature at the drive-in…One drawback was that we had to wait a few mon...Read more

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Fire Cracker Love

The 4 th of July…for some this day has many meanings, many memories. For me when I hear fire works crackling and popping I think of my first love. Well, love is a bit extreme for a 12-year-old boy.

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I was 12 -6th grade.  The feathered hair was the dew to do.  White folks had a easier time feathering their hair because compared to Asian hair they have more natural curl to their hair texture. Needless to say I used at least a quarter of my mothers Aqua net ...Read more

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Seoul Man


   Random memories, funny how they just pop up in the middle of the night.  In 6th grade my mother had an idea that she was going to open a Beauty Shop.  Why? I don't really know.  She was always looking for something to make money.  Why? Because she's Korean?  It's all I can really think of.  Needless to say mom's ideas usually ended up with me becoming involved somehow.  With or without me wanting to.  It was around October she took a course in beauty.  Is that what there called, anyway the things you learn in the...Read more

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Hitler's Pager - 7 (I shouldn't have taken the pill)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/eS58RdmXnCw&rel=1

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Hitler's Pager-6 (Muscular Legs)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vguDEFzk0Yg

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Hitler's Pager - 5 (Father's Day)

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The pill…should have gone to the store…so lazy, so stupid!  Needless to say, it didn’t help…needless to say I feel worse.  I have a constant taste of vinegar in my mouth…it’s like morning breath afte...Read more

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Lame…can’t believe Anson lied about being a navy seal.  I took counsel from Myspace friends about the backup thing.   Good it did me…Anson confessed his five years in the navy was in maintenance and electric.  Yeah…that’s what I was thinking.  I guess that explains the power drill.

    Went home and opened the FedEx box.  1 green pill..Nyquil cold/flu.  1 cell phone, analog Motorola Startac…looks like one I had in 1998.  1 piece of paper, written on it: 32 Bradley Place. Closter, New Jersey.  I have no idea what this stuff is.  An...Read more

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