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How goes everyone in "Alive not Dead" land?   Thing s to discuss. Saw Bourne this weekend and loved it. Can't wait for the days when I am in a Bourne like film playing the guy going after the Bourne like girl and then, when the Bourne like hero jumps through a window, me and him get it on. But, in my version, I'd punch him in the face with a book. I miss Desh, he was a good Arab Asset. Jokes aside, it was a good film. Other thoughts? Well, I've been working out lately. I've been lifting and getting back into shape, the ...Read more

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So, people have been asking me...

"Hey...Raja...what's new? What else are we gonna se you in?" Which I reply, "Sir...ma'am...my name is not Raja...it's Mousa."  They take a moment...take it in....and then....Oh come on Raja you silly brown bitch...whats next!!?!!"


Well. You will see me in "SuperBad" with my friend Micheal Cera this August. "Finishing the Game" in October and will be working on the new Adam Sandler flick called "You Don't Mess w...Read more

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