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Where's Raja these days?

Well,the film has premiered in the good ole' east coast of my home town in NYC. I was sad that I couldn't come out and be there to meet and greet all the wonderful people who supported Justin Lin and his great work. But, let it be known Raja is "alive not dead" and has been working in a new comedy to come out next year. So, let's play catch up. I've been doing this Adam Sandler movie with Adam and Robert Smigel, who created the wonderful TV FUN HOUSE for SNL. Funny dude. We talk and shot the sh**t on so many things. Yet, I found myself missing my cast-mates from FTG. So, I picked up the phone and met up with McCaleb Burnett who plays the wonderful, asiatic Tarrick Tyler in the film. We meet, hugged, held each others bottoms for a moment, then realize we are straight and decided to go for a walk. Silver Lake Junction had the Art Crawl and that's what we did while catching up. But here is something I did not know about our wonderful friend. McCaleb, as good looking as he is, is a comic geek. It's true. This hidden secret was brought to my attention when I was in Secret Headquarters reading some comics and Dave, one of the owners, comes up to me and say's "Hey, you're in Finishing the Game right?" I smiled, blushed even and replied a big YES with a smile. My first fan I though. Then he goes on to crush my dreams and talks about Burnett,  how he comes and sits in the very chair I'm sitting in reading...get this...comics. Now, it was hard to believe. I couldn't take not only the fact that he didn't want my autograph, but the fact he just wanted to chat about good ole McCaleb and his love for comics. "I love comics too Dave." "Yeah, but well...ummm...what else have you done?' Man. This town will get yah. So we chatted about you know who and then talked about "30 Days of Night" and then I went on home thinking, I need to call Burnett. And so I did. He told me about the premiere, how everyone was doing and of course his love for me and how he missed me. I told him it was over and just wanted to be friends. "I've moved on, let's be friends." I gave him a kiss upon his left cheek ever so slowly and then we parted ways. I looked back briefly as he stood there on Sunset Blvd. watching me walk away. I miss those days, but life...well... moves on. Okay folks, I'm off to write more smut and fantasy stuff seeing as how being an actor doesn't pay as well as making up stories of man on man comedy lust. (This message was brought to you by Mousa Kraish and his weird thoughts alone.)

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Good to hear you're "alive not dead". Look forward to hearing more about your new movie. =)
about 12 years ago
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arhahaha very good blog cheers Mousa
about 12 years ago
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And how are we supposed to decipher the real from the fantasy?
about 12 years ago
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I love this, Mousa! BTW, did you know that I am 4 1/2 months pregnant? And that McCaleb had the chutzpah to put his hand on my fat little belly? Believe it--it's in my FTG photo album! For real tho'. Have a good one.
about 12 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
Okay -- I'm expecting to see some kind of mixed race "Brokeback Mountain" screenplay come out of this interaction where Mccaleb mumbles out "I just can't quit you, Mousa"...
about 12 years ago
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i think all sorts of smut sells well, not just "man on man comedy". next time, be sure to include key phrases such as "heaving bosom" and "manhood". i think you automatically get $100/phrase for weaving those into your stories. g'luck with the smut
about 12 years ago
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can someone say friends with benefits? lol it's a little hard to tell where your stories go into fantasy at some points...maybe I'm just a little to gullible =P
about 12 years ago
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lol...Just friends....damn and I was just planning the saucy dream I would have tonight after reading your blog. Glad to hear you're still alive!!
about 12 years ago


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