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The LA.

How is everyone? Good? Well? Good. So, I find myself walking through LA and meeting beautiful and horrible people all weekend. The Abbot Kinney Festival was great this past Sunday and music at the Swerve Festival, not band, so kudos to the bands that played. The women in Venice, fucking beautiful. To all women, I love you. Do not ever change. Women are goddesses walking the earth and when they all get that in unison, I mean really subconsciously get it, men we are fucked. 

I talk to my agent before writing this blog, who has become somewhat of a friend. I can hang with this man, and from time to time, take care of his dogs. We had a discussion about life, politics and women which is pretty much how we connect and avoid "the business." My agent ladies and gents, wants to be an artist. Low and behold, he actually is a good one. Yet when I talk to him, say "man, go out, do your work, share your shit..." His response usually is something dark that will end with "you're the brave one for doing what you do." Ladies and gents...art is to be shared. If everyone on here became a doctor or a lawyer cause of their parents dreams, we'd be living in a fucked up world that is closer to the Republicans standard of Vader's "Empire." I tell my agent, live. I also tell him, get me a job. 

Ok, thoughts for the day, set standards. Become great. Treat people with respect, whether they are Kings or paupers, the same. Get over the shit my dad did while growing up and learn to love him like I love everyone else. This won't get solved today, but fuck it, worth a try. 

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it is true what you say about art good thoughts for the day it's always worth a try
over 12 years ago
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I love the humorous overtones you always have in your blogs, and your very sweet to think that about women, saying that to a lady will probably get you a long way :) I agree with what you say about art. Nice blog and thoughts today
over 12 years ago
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i wanna give you 10 million kudo. a great article ever.
over 12 years ago


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