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Super Tuesday

    Well, it has come upon us here in California. Super Tuesday, the day where we go out and officially nominate a delegate. You all must be wondering, well who is Mousa gonna vote for. I thought that myself how do I figure this out Hillary slept with our last cool president  so must of learned a thing or two in the bedroom. Obama is a brother and looks like he can have a mean game on the basketball court. Ron Paul, well the man loves Palestinians so that is a big plus and McCain reminds me of that cooky old man living next door to me that threw beer bottles at us when we was growing up in Brooklyn. But my favorite so far, Huckabee. Now, some of you might say, Huckabee?!? Mous, is you crazy you muthaf$#4er? Come on America, show me a delegatethat has Chuck Norris scratch and sniff stickers at the voting booth. Does Obama, does Hillary? No, my man Huckabee does. He has good ole Norris standing behind him in every campain. The man fought Bruce Lee. If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, guess who has more money, Chuck Norris. I'm not saying all these cool facts about Chuck Norris to dissuede your vote...well I kinda am, but come on America, do hate freedom?!?! So go a vote, make a selection, and know that, again not trying to influence the vote, but a scratch and sniff sticker is a rare thing these days. And so is a good canadate. (Just in case there are people who take this too seriously, my vote is Obama. Hope people.)

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the stickers.....what do they smell like? Chuck Norris? Huckabee? and what do Chuck Norrises and Huckabees smell like? My guess would be moustache cream+gunpowder for Chuck and fried chicken+Glade air freshener for Huckabee.
almost 12 years ago
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I hope Obama wins...I just can't stand Hilary anymore for some reason. Did you watch Conan, Colbert, and Stewart fight for the title of who made Huckabee last night? Hilarious.
almost 12 years ago
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lol, give us more Chuck Norris jokes if it hadn't been on the news here last night, I would have thought "Super Tuesday" was a lotto draw. all I can say is thank god for living in a commonwealth country
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
chuck norris rocks
almost 12 years ago


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