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Happy Hardon Harry

    So, some of you might be like, what is the deal with the title. Happy Hardon Harry. Who is that? Well to all you young people in the world of Alive Not Dead, it's the main character that Christan Slater played in "Pump Up the Volume."  Awesome fucking movie. A shy kid by day, a pirate disc jockey by night.  Saying what's on his mind to free the people in a small Suburban Arizona neighborhood. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I say it again "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Hold on people....I just got to the scene where Samant...Read more

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Super Tuesday

    Well, it has come upon us here in California. Super Tuesday, the day where we go out and officially nominate a delegate. You all must be wondering, well who is Mousa gonna vote for. I thought that myself how do I figure this out Hillary slept with our last cool president  so must of learned a thing or two in the bedroom. Obama is a brother and looks like he can have a mean game on the basketball court....Read more

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To the urges of YES_TOM

    I am a bad person Alive not Dead community. I haven't been on in awhile. I have been afflicted with the disease known as "writers laze." It's a horrible horrible disease. How is everyone in the world? Ok, what have I been up too? Well, I ran naked in a Adam Sandler movie, and am currently trying to save the world with Jennifer Connely, but here is my real dream for 2008. To be in Fast and the Furious 4. Yes, good ole Justin LIn is making a new one and ever since the first one, I just wanted to be in a fast car go...Read more

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Ladies and Gentleman

News from Good Ole me. Been a busy busy man and am so amped because "Finishing the Game" is coming out this Friday.

My week has been amazing while on the Adam Sandler flick. We have been shooting on the Warner Brothers lot and all we do is laugh. As of late, we have been only doing night shoots, and instead on lunch, we all go and play basketball on the full court. John Tuturro, one of the legends , who is on this film plays with us and I have to say, the man can ball. 

Life has been grand, work has been good an...Read more

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Where's Raja these days?

Well,the film has premiered in the good ole' east coast of my home town in NYC. I was sad that I couldn't come out and be there to meet and greet all the wonderful people who supported Justin Lin and his great work. But, let it be known Raja is "alive not dead" and has been working in a new comedy to come out next year. So, let's play catch up. I've been doing this Adam Sandler movie with Adam and Robert Smigel, who created the wonderful TV FUN HOUSE for SNL. Funny dude. We talk and shot the sh**t on so ...Read more

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Adam Sandler

So, I started this new film today where I have a few scenes with Sandler. On the break, I said to him, "Hey Sandler...I got a movie coming out this friday." He in return says, "Yeah, what's the movie?" I take a moment...look over to the production assistant and say, "Scuse me boy, please get me a coca cola with ice and a twist straw. Adam? Would you like something?" He nodded his head and I looked at the boy who scurried off to get me my coco cola. "The movie is called Finishing the Game. It's directed ...Read more

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The LA.

How is everyone? Good? Well? Good. So, I find myself walking through LA and meeting beautiful and horrible people all weekend. The Abbot Kinney Festival was great this past Sunday and music at the Swerve Festival, not band, so kudos to the bands that played. The women in Venice, fucking beautiful. To all women, I love you. Do not ever change. Women are goddesses walking the earth and when they all get that in unison, I mean really subconsciously get it, men we are fucked. 

I talk to my agent before writing this blog, who has become somewhat o...Read more

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It's Midnight

And all you should be doing is looking out for "Finishing the Game" OCT 5th when it hits NYC. Leave your homes, your kids, cats and dogs and old nanna's who need to be feed and go see the movie. (This is paid for through the Justin Lin Foundation of actors who will never work again...me.)

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So, on Friday and Saturday morning, we shot scenes for Far East Movements new video and they had me dancing like a fool. Love those guys.

My weekend, pretty good so far. Good people, great love and beautiful days of past, present and look forward to the future.

Not sure what to add or write so as always lets shoot from the hip. I sat and watched Magnolia by PT Anderson. It was the second time I've seen it. The guy can direct. It was simply just a great film. Then I thought, how awesome if I saw this movie, and everyone in this f...Read more

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Back to the Blog

Back to the blog people. Let's give a quick update. Since last, I have been doing a bit of travel but also focusing on some photography and writing. The world is moving and I'm moving with it. 

I saw all of the FTG family last week at a party downtown and was wonderful to see old mugs I haven't seen in a bit. Life has been good. What is to come, who knows, yet, I'll stay open to it.

I start production on a Adam Sandler film in OCT. Fun little role, be out next summer and will make you all laugh, promise.

...Read more
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