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Ellie Goulding cover ;)

For all the Ellie Goulding fans: a piano/vocal cover of "Lights" !! :)Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xczHaXHLviUxo,m

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Market in Newmarket

Discovered a new market in Newmarket (really, no pun intended) and had a great time doing groceries. Finally found ketchup-flavoured kale chips! Another lovely discovery: raw-food falafels with garlic tahini. The flavour was surprisingly similar although the texture, not being fried, was definitely healthier-feeling (i.e. grainier with little bits of fibrous material). This blog may just become a food blog ^^

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Mini Cover: "Someone Like You" by Adele

A mini-cover (just a little snippet) of "Someone Like You" - this song is on such heavy rotation everywhere, it's stuck in my head!   Moulann: Someone Like You (Adele) - mini cover :) by moulann

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Forever Formosa

This is a tune I wrote in celebration of the Taiwan Centennial ROC100 :) Hope you like it!

Forever Formosa by moulann

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Vancouver and more....

It's been over 10 years since I've been in Vancouver... I have to say, this time the sun was shining more and the city is beautiful. The Aberdeen Center in Richmond was also a very nice Chinese mall - we need one in Toronto! So I watched Inception yesterday. It was such a cool movie... the premise was really cool, but even more impressive was the way all the elements were executed so well. I have an exam soon... but after that, I'll be pretty free for the rest of the summer.. thinking of doing more cover song videos... any ...Read more

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I'm finally on iTunes!

Moulann on iTunes

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Big Apple Pie

Driving back from Montreal to Toronto, everyone needs to stop to buy some apple pie and apple crumble at the BIG APPLE in Colborne. Fresh apple pie is quite the treat :)

Now... back to writing.

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