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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
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Naturally OriginalAt first glance you may seem fairly average, but after two minutes of talking, it's clear that there's more to you than meets the eye. Despite not advertising your originality, you always keep your own unique perspective and creative approach to life. You're equally comfortable in any situation and fit in no matter where you go but you always stay true to yourself.

*Which of the following describes you and your group of friends?We are all unique in our own ways *I am spontaneous and unpredictableSometimes *When I have to assemble something, I read the directions firstOften *When I'm given a choice, I go with my "gut" instinctSometimes *I like "well-structured" assignments more than I like assignments that are "open-ended"Sometimes *Pick up to 4 creative outlets you enjoyPhotographySinging or playing an instrumentWriting (poetry, stories, etc)Drawing/Painting/Sculpture *Which alivenotdead.com artists do you find inspiring?Van Ness Wu *When choosing clothes to buy you are most likely toBuy whatever I want - who cares what people think? *When I say blue, what do you think of?Water *Lastly, Tell us 10 things you want to do, try or experience before your 60th birthday?1. Meet HYDE ~ just might happen on 20 July  2. Finish university *3. Tour Asia * 4. Meet up with my AnD friends  *5. Find work I ENJOY after finishing university. *6. Have my OWN home  *7. Finish a novel I\'ve been working on from time to time (been suffering "writer's block") *8. Use my best paper from research writing (with revisions) for my grad thesis. *9. Find out if I can convert my Jeep to alternative fuel. *10. Re: #6 ~ home has to be "off the grid" or able to sell electricity back to the electric company. Took long enough, but I FINALLY got it Done! 

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Oh...finally u did it. It's so nice to know that u r working on a novel.I hope u will finish it up very soon and we will get the chance to read it:)
about 11 years ago
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finally got ur Adidas quiz up.. ur laptop crashed at some point right? thnx for the comment on my blog to0 xD
about 11 years ago
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better late than ever *toasts* to meeting up with AnD friends =)
about 11 years ago
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Thomas (LionHeart) ~ have absolutely NO idea when I'll be able to get back to it :D riku ~ yup, and it seemed to take forever to get it back from repair, and get caught up here :D Jaine ~ thanks bunches!!!!!!!! :D
about 11 years ago


When two hearts race, both win. ^^ But with 3 sisters, there is the POWER OF THREE !!! CHARMED SUGAR 2 aka SUGAR MOON aka SUGAR V http://www.last.fm/user/moo

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