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HAHA!!! im SO high tech!

OK, so i have been thinking that i wanted to say "HI" to everyone, and my hubby got me a neato camera for my birthday...IT TAKES VIDEOS!!!!! so today, after the storm, i went out to read for a while,  and thought "hey! i wish i could share this view with my AnD

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3LxOtcunMc friends!!" so i did, i know im dorky, but i love you all anyways:) 

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WOW! me? Homeschool?!

                 This past year, SOOO much has been at work in my heart. I wonder if i were to meet the person I was a few years ago...that would be either a heart felt, tearful meeting, or one of us would have gotten our butts kicked:) regardless, i would have won lol but really, Ive grown so much, and I can see how HUNGRY I was for someone to show me the way back home, just to stubborn to ask for help.  My walk of Faith has been laden with obsticals.  Some I made, others are the ways of the world.

                 ...Read more

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so our wedding rings dont match:)

                  The story of our wedding rings is really kind of sweet:) I know a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into buying the perfect wedding rings. As the wedding rings are to be a symbol of your love and devotion to each other, i can see why some people spend a small fortune on the matching rings designed to your unique specifications.... But somethin...Read more

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Enoch and Miss Julianne~

          When i was a child, i walked by faith:) God was as present as my earthly family in my eyes. I had a wonderful Sunday school teacher named Miss Julieanne. She was a little old lady, with rosie cheeks and big grandma glasses (she still has them too!) When Miss Julianne told us about Gods love, she expressed it with songs, poems, and of course, the scripture. I hung on every word:) I gave my heart to the Lord at a very young age. I think i was about 4 or 5. Some people have told me that I couldn't have...Read more

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WooOOO HooOOOO!!!!

My revival, has just been getting better and better. Ive had trials, Ive had times i wanted to crawl and hide...but the JOY i am feeling! the OUT POURING of the SPIRIT!!!! is indescribable!!!

 I dont know what is ahead of me. but i know where i am not going back:)

 I have no clue what I am going to see! but my eyes are open!!!

 I am so moving on! I am running to my God!

 My heart is open to the Lessons ahead of me, and I am just Bursting with eagerness to LOVE GOD! 

Something ...Read more

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is saying "thankyou" always good?

              I have been noticing, that saying "thank you" may not always be the right thing to say. Now i know that my mom always told me "Say please and Thank you, Midg." (she called me Midget a lot as a kid;) And in most cases it IS the polite thing to do. But when does saying thank you (or accepting gratitude) cross the line to feeding pride, and (pardon the expression), butt kissing ;) lol i cant think of any other way to put it.

               Sometimes i feel like my heart is so...Read more

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my 3 day vacation:)

Once a year, my best friend and I like to get a way for a few days. This year we thought it would be fun to go antiquing (or junking lol), shop at the mall and try on formal dresses just to feel like a princess, go hiking and check out a few fishing spots not to mention, eat yummy food we didn't have to COOK or CLEAN UP!!!! 

               We sat down the first day, with coffee and doughnuts, to plan our time. Even though we are ALWAYS SO excited to get  out of the house for a few days, and relax, its always very weird. We al...Read more

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houses, homes and hearts part 2

           Ive been in a lot of houses.

As a guest and as a cleaning lady:)

When you clean a house, you see everything up close

You see how...temporary all houses are.

 Ive Scrubbed the floors, and polished until everything sparkled.

Some houses look big and fancy from the outside,

then when you go in, you see how cluttered and poorly laid out the floor plan is.

Ive been in houses that  have the expensive whirl pool bath tubs

But the peop...Read more

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houses, homes, and hearts...part 1

        Today i sat down with my coffee steaming and butter melting on banana bread. If you have seen any of my past blogs, you know ive been wanting to write about how God has blessed us with our home.  Ive been coming to understand more and more WHY God has has blessed us the way he has.... and this has opened my heart to share it with you :)


            my parents moved here from Colorado. My dad was in the air force and when he and mom got married, they ...Read more

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~Fasting of the Seasons ~

               As i start getting ready for Spring, I cant help but see how Fasting, and the change of seasons are so much a like.  Today I saw that i only have one jar of stewed tomatoes left (not to shabbie might i add, considering i had to hide  a few jars from my hubby so i could make them last, he is the tomato king lol) One jar left.... I am starting my seeds for this years garden. In this world, and all its problems, I was never one to rely on others hard work  to feed my family. I start ALL my seeds, I weed my garden (the wh...Read more

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James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from bein

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