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so our wedding rings dont match:)

                  The story of our wedding rings is really kind of sweet:) I know a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into buying the perfect wedding rings. As the wedding rings are to be a symbol of your love and devotion to each other, i can see why some people spend a small fortune on the matching rings designed to your unique specifications.... But something that has been troubling me, is that marriage has become some what of a cruel joke in today's world. I have seen couples start off their new life with big new debt. The very rings that are to be a sign of love and union, turn into a burden.  Its this "gatta have the best and brightest and gatta have it NOW" attitude that is draining the life force of this nation. I wont go into the economics or the debates on the definition of marriage. But i would like to tell you about our rings.

                   When we got married we were just getting by. We didn't have a ring for the ceremony and truth be told,  we just could not have afforded one, let alone two. I didn't want to get one with out him. So we waited. In the mean time I still wanted people to know i was a wife:) So i wore an old ring i had even though its didn't fit. I often lost it while doing the dishes.lol Our first anniversary, we were in a department store and just happened to be looking at the jewelery.  There were two rings, one was gold, the other silver. They were the only ones in our sizes. I thought maybe we should wait until we could get ones that matched...for some reason i didnt want people to see our rings and think he wasn't mine, or i his...silly way of thinking i guess:) Ive always been rather picky what i spend money on and we just could pass up the price. So i have gold, and he has silver...

               We have been married 7 1/2 years now. We have had friends get married over the years, and we've been there to see them go round and round about the rings. How much to spend. If they really fit their personality's. If they "demonstrate their love" ..... Now that one i had a hard time making sense of. I understand that its something you will have on your finger until the day you die (hopefully:) and you may even be buried with it., or want to pass it down to your children.. but to say that a ring demonstrates your love....i don't think so.   I understand that spending big bucks on the perfect ring, is a huge gesture on how you are willing to provide for your spouse. But how often is that really the case? Or  how much of that is temporary and self serving... I read that most marriages are ended based on some kind of financial debt.  It seems that people are spending to much on the ring, and not enough on the marriage. I have seen people spend Thousands of dollars on the rings, then even More on the wedding and reception...thinking they will just pay it off as they go on in their new life as one. Ive also seen the stress that puts on two people who now have to act as one. My advise to anyone thinking of getting married, PLEASE see a marriage counselor FIRST! they will bring up real life issues and help you deal with them before they can stress out your marriage.

             We've been asked if we were going to buy fancy matching rings some day...like theirs... This just made me sad. I could help but feel they are missing out on a great truth. When i see Dales ring,  I just smile:)  In a way I am reminded of our humble beginnings.  But more so, I see his hands and I know them. His hands are weathered and calloused from working to support our family. Some days he has trouble opening them because of the years of training. His hands can submit a student twice his size and make him call uncle, or they can give me the most tender foot massage at the end of a long day:) His hands held me as i went thru the agony of child birth (three times, no drugs allllll natural...i broke his pinky finger the last time:) and then hold our newborn baby with such parental expertise. His hands are a jungle gym to our kids..."DADDY! pick me up!" "Daddy! tickle me!"  "I bet you cant catch me DAD!" To them, there is noting he cant do. He is the strongest in the world.  I see our rings as a lesson. Small compared to some we have learned, but non the less important. I cant help but draw a parallel between the true values of silver and gold, and the indescribable bond as husband and wife.  I am just more and more in love with my husband everyday.  I strive to anticipate his needs and he does mine.  God made us to marry for life. It makes me sad to see unions broken over materialistic ways of thinking. THEY are MISSING OUT!


                                   It is in the marriage that the riches are forged. 

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There are so many reasons that erode a marriage, but end of the day, when 1 enters it, 1 has to view it as a covenant and is till death do we part. Every marriage will be tested and tried, the 2 persons in it have to make it happen and work out and become better relating and bonding with each other as the days go by :)
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Very sweet Kori!!! My hubby and I had a lot of the same beginings as you and yours, and I can honestly say I love our rocky past and our inexpensive gold bands. God has blessed us with more than finacial riches but with life lessons and love that has been tested by fire. Make no mistake about it, steel sharpens steel. God can use our spouse to shape us. It truly is an awsome thing!!!
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