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oh my lands;) long time no see!

Hello out there! Its 1:51 am.  I cant sleep. Thought i would come on here and revisit some old blogs. Its so odd to be back here. I feel like cringing as i read some of my old stuff. lolSO UPDATE!The kiddos and hubby are all AWESOME;D Home schooling is Fantastic. I (with one of my bffs;) am a youth leader at church. Which could be interesting to write about at some point. love love LOVE my teens. one min they got it all together. Most have gone to church from a very young age. they know the answers that would make most yout leaders happy to hear but ist so AWESOME in the truest sense of the word when God moves in and we all get REAL.  I love it.Im sewing like a crazy lasy;) always a new project. I feel bad though. Im sewing for everyone else that its getting harder and harder to do for my own babies:( I pull a lot of all nighters around the holidays and birthdays...  Man Im not as young as i used to be;) Seems like if i stay up all night i fall asleep during school. hahaha My kiddos and i LOVE having school in bean bag chairs around the heater;) so its super easy for me to fall asleep. ;)Its strange to be here. Im on Facebook a lot. But here is where i started breaking out of my shell ans writing. Cant express how much that made me grow. Got a bit messy at times but thats life;) anyhoo. I love you guys, who ever may find this;) Sort of like sending out a message in a bottle... I did that once as a kid. I sometimes thing about it and wonder if anyone found it. I hope it made them smile;)~Kori~ =]B hahaha

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