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my understanding

I am writing this because it has been on my heart for a while.  and though i am a rather privet person, i am feeling compelled to share my understanding.

Oh dear, here we go.....

This  world has may interpretations of truth.  Each is to its own eyes.   Humans are the masters of self-ordained and self-established truth. The truth that is sought  to give us meaning. And excuse the things we do that are unbecoming, even down right evil.  AS humans we are SO complex we are the greatest puzzle in our own minds.  We are obviously meant for something!  But the Feelings we think define our own truth, pass with a new thought. The  cycle will never end. You will not find what you look for if you look only to yourself.  For you, yes the god you think  you are, will too pass into the dark.  Some say "Only you can know what experience is needed in your soul for your own fulfillment. Only you can be the giver of your own truth"    If you, or any of us were this powerful, what a world this would be. you may say, not enough of us are enlightened, to make the world understanding and righteous!  To this, i and in complete agreement.  For as humans, we are flawed,  beyond that, we are evil hearted and selfish by nature. Survival of the fittest mixed with the puzzle of our own minds seeking truth within its flawed self.   It is not until we know the truth of the world we live in, the battle in which our souls have been in from the beginning of  existence, will we be able to understand and accept the truth. we are just dust in the wind. we hold no power over this world. we are at its mercy. and that is a dangerous place to be.  I was once like many in this world. i looked to myself, my  Emotions and my jealous heart to tell me the meaning of my life. the meaning of all life. I did not find it.  The Lord found me. After i chased the experiences of this life, and tried to fill my soul with the meaning i knew had to be found, I found the one true God. The joy that i feel every waking moment of my life, with Jesus in my heart, could not be found in the mirror.  For he is perfection. and everything that i want to be.  The TRUE LOVE that you seek, can not be found anywhere other that his Blood.  God is perfection. God is truth. God is LOVE.       You are not a god. there is but one. And he is the meaning of life. he holds everything  you seek.  and so much MORE that you have yet to feel the hunger for. In time i pray you will feel the hunger, as i did. I sought my own understanding of this life. I found it in the one true God. Who made us all.  

With LOVE to ALL Gods children, both lost and found.

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