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my 3 day vacation:)

Once a year, my best friend and I like to get a way for a few days. This year we thought it would be fun to go antiquing (or junking lol), shop at the mall and try on formal dresses just to feel like a princess, go hiking and check out a few fishing spots not to mention, eat yummy food we didn't have to COOK or CLEAN UP!!!! 

               We sat down the first day, with coffee and doughnuts, to plan our time. Even though we are ALWAYS SO excited to get  out of the house for a few days, and relax, its always very weird. We always get homesick the first day....and the second.. :) but by the third day, we know we are almost home. Most of our vacation is spent talking about our kids, or our husbands, and how much we love being moms and wives:)

                This trip, and the ones before, have really made me think about a few things. First of all, im getting....old. It used to be that i could stay up all night and keep going all day...yeah, not so much anymore. i like to sleep, and apparently i do this strange soft snore wheezing thing.....lol. But REALLY! I feel like "WHEN did THAT happen?!" I used to pull an all nighter when i needed to get spring cleaning done, shampoo the carpets while the kids are sleeping, or rearrange the furniture.or stay up and sew  while i had the house to myself..... oh well:) I like to sleep, but naps make me grumpy...hahaha=)                

             Second, I am still SUPER spontaneous! =) when we got to the hotel, they said there was a POOL! My bf wasn't to excited and didn't bring a bathing suit, so after a while i jumped into the water first  in my pjs:) that way, we could look silly together. I did pack my suit, but its no fun swimming without my sista!! &  I just really didn't want us to look back on our  trip and say "oh i wish we had the guts to do that...we should have just WENT FOR IT!" Well, i go for it! as long as its not illegal,  no one gets hurt, and I wouldn't be ashamed of what God would think... just about everything is fair game!

              Third... We are SO adhd when we are together...we had lunch in this fantastic lil bar and grill place. We played pool, and both lost=) we had a big BLT & fried green bean lunch, and then we went to this lil antique shop down the road. After about 20 mins of looking at cool old stuff...I asked her, "hey, did we pay for lunch?"  she looked at me and said " I didn't, did you?!"  WE TOTALLY WALKED OUT ON THE BILL!!!!! I was so SHOCKED that i had done that! So I put my newly found vintage doilys on the counter, ran out to the van, threw on my barn boots and ran back to the restaurant to pay our bill ( I was wearing my super comfy and tall heels:). It was a ways back, and i got honked at by some guys in a truck..a very self conscious moment. I think they meant what they hollered as a complement, but i wasn't very flattered...It made me wish i had my  hunky hubby with me, then he could of scared them off!! haha.I finally got there and when i came clomping in, the waitress looked at me like i was crazy! Out of breath and smiling, i said "Hi! umm i thought she paid, she thought i paid, so can i pay you now?" She laughed and told me that she doesn't see to many ppl coming back in once they got out the door with out paying. The owner of the restaurant was there, and i got the feeling that the waitress had gotten yelled at cuz she didn't see us leave, but when he saw i came back, he was surprised. I guess this made me see how sheltered I am. I know there are dishonest ppl, even down right evil in the world, but to see how surprised they were to see me come back, i guess it just gave me a new perspective. They both thanked me about a million times, and i said sorry about a million and one times :)

         Fourth, ppl are so weird! I was so surprised to see how what has become normal, and acceptable in the realm of male/ female interactions. Iam going to be 25 in April, but while we were out on our trip, i kept getting asked if i was 16. EVEN 12!!!!   and i have to say, a lot of the times my age came up, it was because some one was hitting on me, and i would say, "im married, and she is too. Thanks but not thanks." (LOL my bf always likes that im so no nonsenses, dont mess with me or ill kung fu you right here right now!!! haha im not mean, but im not vague either:) Then they would say something like"NO WAY!! how old are you!"  I was disgusted to find out how old THEY were! Most times they were 19-28.... they said rather provocative things to me, and thought i was 16!!!!! WOW! That just makes me scared for all they young girls out there that could fall pray to these guys. They obviously had just one thing on their mind, and Im sure that they will keep up the chase untill they find someone vulnerable enough to think they are being...sweet.... AGH! Really it makes me mad. To see how so many ppl feed their flesh, and chase after the things of this life that are all so temporary! No matter what the cost to those they seek... And it just reminded me of how  fragile this life is, and how scary this world is with for those  that don't know God. I have something new to Pray very hard about. They safety of young impressionable women. I will also be praying that God shows me a way to help...i haven't a clue how, and I know its such a huge problem...but i am so moved, i want to do something....I trust God to show me how:)

              Over all, it was an awesome time:) we did have our mopier moments when we were at a lose without our kids, and our husbands, and our routine...but still, I think we both came back with a refreshed appreciation for all the God has given us. Our blessings and our trials. LOL i had to hurry home to clean my house. After 3 days gone, and daddy being sick...it was NOT a pretty picture...:P and Today i had two birthday partys to take the girls to, take my hub to the dr., pick up a few grocerys, take care of the dogs (Jewels brought home a dead animal...its the lab in her, they love to roll in dead things...),  call my parents and let them know im back and still alive (worriers lol), and tomorrow, i have to take the costumes to church, do the final fittings, set up a few things with my bible study group i go to, then go to my inlaws, who live about 36 miles away, and help them with a few things AND! i have to do the P90X sometime!!!...........the list goes on, I am fully back to being the do everything fix everything, "MommA i NEED you", "Honey can you get me.."all around go to person This is the life God has blessed me with, and its my JOY to live it in a way that is Glorifying to JESUS NAME!!!.... & i am just happy i jumped in that pool:)


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Is always so interesting to read what u write n share... (thu take awhile to finish)... I share your happiness with u n cant agree on the fact tt it is a fantastic idea to take a break from the routine that we had and yet we know we have to also enjoy every bit of our daily endeavours. All in all, enjoy n appreciate everything that we have now n is with us. God bless our today and the days ahead :D
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