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hum...im not good at short storys:)lol

this was meant to be the description to my easter dress photos, but it turned into a blog....

this is as far as i have gotten today...everything is cut and together. The dress isnt done yet :( as you can see there are still pins, and unfortunately, my dress form is a little bit bigger then me. my hub needs to help with the final fitting pinnings. lol. Also, its rather difficult to hem up the bottom to the right length when your wearing the dress :) ~sigh~ that and im not sure i like it... Dale says i always say that. And im too critical of my own work. Maybe i am.  I just want it to be perfect... No one else can see it the way i can, but the insecure part of me is always waiting for things i make to fall apart and everyone to see that i dont know what im doing.  lol,  so far that hasnt happened.

       I started sewing outfits for my barbies when i was 6 or 7 ( by hand) then when i was 10, my mom put me in 4H for sewing. I won 1st place (not a big deal, just about everyone won 1st:) My mom and her best friend (Aunt Carol) were always making quilts and sewing, but Ali and i were to busy sneaking cookies off the cooling rack and going outside to play, to really pay attention. Then i hit my teens...oh boy:) I was a "hippy child" with long hair. but i kept cutting it shorter and shorter:) Sometimes it was blue, or green or my fav, HOT PINK or any other color i could get my hands on lol.  I started "improving" my outfits. while everyone else had duct tape, or safety pin fazes, I started designing and making my own clothes. Skirts, Tops, dresses, pants... EVERYTHING! While i was wild, I still didnt dress to show flesh...i was a conservative wild child lol:)  Then, when i was 17, I had a baby, Veda Star....yep. 17. SO young!  I had been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He was and is still my best friend.  We got married in 02, Veda was 3 mos old. It seemed the WHOLE  world was against us. Both of our family's, our "friends", trying to get jobs to pay bills, buy food for our family...ect. We went from teens to adults before we were really ready to. And at times we both had our doubts. I wondered if he was really the one for me. I wasn't always happy, but i always tried to be the best WIFE i could be. I cooked, cleaned, and cared for him even when i didnt want to. He has always (well honestly, i should say mostly...)treated me with love and respect, even though sometimes he behaved selfishly and hurt my feelings to where i was so hurt and angry i wanted to leave. But, he didn't know any better, he was 18 when we got married, he was still a kid in a lot of ways, so was i. I wanted my soul mate, i wasnt sure it was him. This made me sad and confused.But  Veda had been born for a REASON! as is all life! Dale and i  made the commitment to each other, regardless of  our fears and all the outside influences. The only thing that got us thru was how stubborn we both were. We didnt want to be another teen pregnancy sob story. We didnt want to be a broken home.

        I always wanted a big family. Sooo when Veda was 9 mos old, we found out that another was on the way. I started sewing again when Brooklyn was 3 mos old. I made a dress for veda, and  put a little tutu skirt on a purple onesie for brooklyn. It was their first matching outfit:) and it was crooked, but i fixed it by putting a big purple ribbon on it haha:) A year and a half after Brooklyn, we found out we were having a boy, Cloud Everret.  What started out as a teen pregnancy taboo thing, has turned into a happy family. Dale and i have worked so hard for everything we have. We own our own home, and land. No mortgage. Its ours. Our house may not be big, and it is definitely not fancy, but its our home. Well, that and were slowly building our dream home. :) Dale has worked so hard so that i can be a stay at home mom, something we both feel very strongly about, that it is the best thing for a family. I sew for a lot of ppl. I hem up their pants, take in their shirts, Fix zippers,  Design outfits that they describe to me, then make them.  I also do upholstery work.  I love to be busy, and i get a little jolt of excitement when i get a new project. When i upholster a chair, or a couch...its like this big puzzle i can turn over in my mind and work out all the problems then i can DO it. I work everything out with my hands, its so much fun, and challenging:) Im always sad to see it go when im finished. well this one time, i did a chair in this stripy  fabric...ugh, i got dizzy after a few hours of working with that stuff lol. 

       I guess this post has taken a turn down memorie lane...but when i sew, it stitches together so much of who i am, its hard for me to say one thing with out explaining it too.  I still am a bit of a wild child.  I  wear the things i make, and my outfits show a lot of my personality. (lol, my parents and my husband always tease me because from the time i was little, i go thru about 3-7 outfits a day...i dont know why, sometimes what i first pick out just doesn't suit my mood.so i pick something else!.oh well, im the one who does the laundry :) My daughters have two trunk fulls of dress up cloths and my  i made my son a hulk costume for Halloween. he is still in the "birthday suit" faze of 2-3 yr olds, but when he keeps his clothes on, he likes the ones i make him the best. I have made a lot of martial arts pants for my hub (they have to be special, or you cant kick above your head w/o discomfort) I sew a lot for our church too. Costumes for plays (Easter cantata) Pillows for the lounge....

          I am a seamstress! I thank God for this gift and I am so happy when i use it to Glorify his name.  Maybe thats why i want everything to be perfect..hum... Some day, id like to blog about how Dale and i got our house, and our land, it is a shining example of Gods Grace.  How He has been there for us when on one else was.  especially at times when we didnt want to be together. While at times my  life has been full of  sorrows, confusion and pain,  I can see how ALL the hard times, doubts, fears, and mistakes have been stepping stones to who i am. Who God wants me to be.  I am so upset when i have set backs and feel like asking "why me?"  God has given me so much happiness, and JOY!!! I feel like He wants me to share my life story with others and show how he has been so faithful, even and maybe especially when i didnt deserve it. No One is perfect. and we make choices that show how selfish and weak we are. By Gods Grace, we can be better people. No matter where you are in your life RIGHT NOW, God is there too.  HE LOVES YOU!!!!! More than you will ever know! He is waiting for you to give EVERything to him. not to control you, after all, it is his will we have free will!!! God wants us to give everything to him so he can carry us. So we can grow to be who we are meant to be!  It doesnt matter if you gave God your heart 15 years ago, or 5 minuets ago,  to truely live a happy and meaning full life for God, we must be in a constent state of surrender. 

      there is so much more to  my story.......but :) it can wait lol thanks for reading this. I wonder if im blogging right. it seems to always end up like a "Dear Diary" entry...oh well:)

Peace Love and God Bless:)

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