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houses, homes and hearts part 2

           Ive been in a lot of houses.

As a guest and as a cleaning lady:)

When you clean a house, you see everything up close

You see how...temporary all houses are.

 Ive Scrubbed the floors, and polished until everything sparkled.

Some houses look big and fancy from the outside,

then when you go in, you see how cluttered and poorly laid out the floor plan is.

Ive been in houses that  have the expensive whirl pool bath tubs

But the people who wanted them, are to tired and busy to relax in a bath. 

Ive seen HUGE houses and all the rooms do is collect dust.

They seem to become a burden in the end.           I ve  always wanted a big house. I have sketched it many times. I can almost see the sun streaming thru my big bay window.=)   Every year we move toward our big house dreams, but the amount of stress and obstacles we have faced, is just making me see all the more, that this world, and this house is not my home.

           I could spend a LIFE TIME building my dream house. And all I would be doing is wasting  the precious time God has given me. It is not the view from the big bay window or the way the world would see me that matters. Its the view from above. If i were to let go of the distractions of my dream.... I KNOW the Lord would open my eyes to so many callings!

           I am more and more aware that what i need to be building is in eternity. We are 5 ppl, living in a 2 bedroom home... I know we need more space, but i dont think my heart has been in the right place. Its not the size of the house, its the hearts of those who live in it. Ive been wanting this big house, to fill a hole in my heart, my wounded pride from all those years ago... The time and money God has given us, should go to his glory, not my selfish desires. I dont want to look back on my life and see that i traded God for ashes! I want to be an obedient daughter to my heavenly father. I can see so clearly now how wrong i have been to want  this huge house that will eventually be empty rooms full of burdens.

                                                               So I am letting it go.

I am SO excited about what  God will have in store for me! He has been calling me to do so many things, in a lot of ways Ive been luke warm...  I give, and serve I love truely from my heart!.... but the one thing i have kept to my self is this dumb dream of a big house.  Last night i read in acts, what happened when a husband and wife kept part of their earnings (that God Graced them with...) for themselves.  Acts 5:1-11 When i read it, It kind of hit me, ive been doing the same thing, and because my husband made me that promise, Ive been dragging him down too....

~sigh~ =) its strange, but i feel lighter =)

I also like 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

          6 Who ever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and who ever sows generously will also reap generously. 7Each man should give what he has  decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly, or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 8And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all the you need, you will abound in every good work.

Be Blessed =)

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Our heavenly father is truly marvelous and amazing, He works with us uniquely and I rejoice with u in your spiritual growth and insight. With His luv for us, He will lead us moment by moment of our lives to fulfill that high calling only each of us can fill. He is the Potter and we are the clay. PTL !!!!
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