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houses, homes, and hearts...part 1

        Today i sat down with my coffee steaming and butter melting on banana bread. If you have seen any of my past blogs, you know ive been wanting to write about how God has blessed us with our home.  Ive been coming to understand more and more WHY God has has blessed us the way he has.... and this has opened my heart to share it with you :)


            my parents moved here from Colorado. My dad was in the air force and when he and mom got married, they moved back to his home town. My brother is 4 yrs older than me,  i am the baby...(my mom still gives me the little fork ...) Dad always wanted to live in the country, and when they found the land they wanted, the bought a mobile home and moved on to their land. The idea was to build a house. That didn't happen, dreams change.

              As i grew up, i ran into ppl who looked down on me because my parents lived in a trailer. Naturally,  this hurt my feelings and i made a vow to myself that I may have grown up in a trailer, i wasn't going to die in one! Dramatic, i know, but it is what it is:) Fast forward a few years....Dale & I got married so young and we wanted to make it on our own. He was working for a guy that bought and sold cars at auctions. Dale went with him one day to help out. At the auction, there was a trailer.....when the auctioneer started the bidding on it, everyone was silent. Dale was standing there and when the crowd was getting antzy to move on the the cars, he shouted "Ill give you $400 for it!!! "  "SOLD! now lets move on!"  Dale came home that night, and took me outside to talk. I think he knew i wasn't going to be happy:) the first thing he said was "Honey, I got us a home:)" I was quiet, i knew there was more but i didn't want to hear the T word..." It has a HUGE kitchen and Living room...." then i started to cry....

Looking back now, i can see how selfish i was being. and how if i had gotten my way, we may have gotten a house we wouldn't of been able to afford, or keep in the long run.  But this trailer, this $400 trailer, was such a blessing. God had a lot in mind to to teach me:)

              We moved it into a park in town. Not the best part of town, but we were so young (me 17, him 18)  the options were not very good.  We lived in the park for 3 years. we saved up our $ as best  we could. I still wanted a big house. So i talked him into looking. To me, a house meant solid, spacious and full of pretty things that would make it home, it was a sign to everyone that I mattered. (OH HOW I HAVE GROWN!!!! lol)  After a few months of looking for houses, Dale  insisted I go for a drive with him. I thought he had a new house he wanted to show me.  We drove out to the country. Down roads i was familiar with.  we were about 5 miles away from where my parents live (this was a must for me, I told dale i couldn't move to far away from my parents.  Family is so important to me, and i didn't want my kids to be to far from grandparents like i was. And i knew someday id have to take care of them. nursing homes are not an option)   Dale got excited "Were HERE!" and then i was quiet yet again.  The land was over grown, abandoned for 8 years. the garage that was there, had been left open and it looked like teenagers used it to party.... I kind of like the pine trees and landscaping, but i wasn't going to tell dale that (i can be a brat, and i know when i need to bite my tongue)  What i looked at next, was the fallen over, bright pink  trailer..... I looked at Dale, asking with my eyes if he thought i was crazy, he just smiled at me.... "come on! lets look around!"  HE got out and started up the drive way, the grass was so tall we didn't want to pull up the drive all the way, not knowing what may be hidden.  I got out and started to follow him up.  we looked around and talked about what we could do to fix it up. Mostly i was humoring him. I had no intention of giving up on my big farm house dream. He likes to tell ppl i got lost in the tall grass....I kind of did. I tripped over a stump and he had to hunt for me. he laughed as soon as he knew i wasn't hurt, then made short ppl jokes the whole ride home. some were kind of funny:p  

                 We had my parents over that night for dinner (im always feeding everyone:) and dale and dad started talking about how nice it would be to get this land.  I started to think about it too. I told dale if he still promised to build me a house, Id be on board for the land. the next week we went into the court house. Now when property  has a lean on it, and is taken by the state, it goes to sheriff sale. If no one buys it, then after a certain amount of time, a person can place a bid to buy it. The land was a full acre. The neighbors were nice. and the back field was so beautiful. With horses, cows and sheep we could pet and i didn't have to clean any barns! yippee!:)  It was close to my parents and our kids would go to the same school we did. Dale placed a bid on the land for $1000.  My dad told him he was crazy and should have placed a higher bid. He also says dale could fall into a mud hole and come out clean with a 20 dollar bill, cuz hes that lucky:) After 3 mos of legality's (public notices of the bid, getting the leans dropped off the land ect.)  IT WAS ōURS=) now the hard work..... it took us only 3 weeks to get the land ready to move our trailer onto it.  (we move fast, & when ppl tell me i cant do something, it makes me work harder) we had to tear down the abandoned trailer, and my buff hubby just had WAY to much fun with his monster mull (fancy sledge hammer) he knocked it down in a few hours. we hauled away the scrap, and cleaned out the garage.  Like just about everything else in our life, it was just me and him (well, my dad helped A LOT, he had to much fun with his tractor:) ...I didn't see then, how God had placed so many things before us, and everything was meant to make us better. I really needed to learn that the only way to own something, was to work hard for it.  Not take out a loan and be in debt. That would have been a definite down fall for us. so much could have happened, i dont know if we, as a married couple would of been able to handle the pressure a debt like that would have laid on us.

              We have lived on this land for 5 years.  Each year, we move towards the big house dream.  The land is clear and clean.  I planted apple trees, herbs and flowers. With a garden every year. The kids have adventures crossing the tiny stream in the side yard. They have a play house on the other side.  Dale has turned that  trashed garage into his gym. (we laugh about the oak floor we put in, we joke that its a nightingale floor, because it squeaks so much:)  he teaches kick boxing and mma. he also helps a few ppl work out, he isnt an official personal trainer (he is almost done with the schooling)  but he has been in the martial arts/ fitness world his whole life.  As for me, Ive reached a lot of conclusions about houses. I will write them in the blog above:) 

I like long conversations. but i don't want to weight down my epiphany by writing it at the end of a long story some one may not want to read. so im writing what i have learned form this particular part of my journey in a blog above:)

I hope you have enjoyed it so far....=)

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