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~Fasting of the Seasons ~

               As i start getting ready for Spring, I cant help but see how Fasting, and the change of seasons are so much a like.  Today I saw that i only have one jar of stewed tomatoes left (not to shabbie might i add, considering i had to hide  a few jars from my hubby so i could make them last, he is the tomato king lol) One jar left.... I am starting my seeds for this years garden. In this world, and all its problems, I was never one to rely on others hard work  to feed my family. I start ALL my seeds, I weed my garden (the whole family helps, well, Cloud is on rock detail, as he tends to pull up all plants) Then, from about mid June to October, I am canning (and freezing some) the food we will eat for the coming winter. We eat what we can, and we can what we cant eat! lol Everything from Spaghetti sauce to homemade soup stock to jellys and pie fillings. Dont get me wrong, i do buy somethings, im not saying i do EVERYthing myself. And I am still learning how to do a lot of this:) But  if i can do for myself, and it keeps my family feed and our bank book balanced, Ill do it:)

                 So while i was getting ready to dig into the dirt and start setting my seeds,  I started to think about all ive been thru this winter. It has been so cold and icy. Just a trip to town (20 miles away) would take a while. I tend to be more of a book worm in the winter. I have withdrawn into myself and thought about a lot of things i wouldn't of had time to in the summer.  Ive Grown closer to God. Ive been humbled  and reminded just how short this life is. How important it is to get your heart right before God. How I am SOOOO HUMAN!!! (wow that could be its own blog...) Ive had loved ones die..(something im not really ready to blog about...) Ive also seen the price of not listening to Gods voice when he is telling you to reach out to someone. How when you allow your flesh determine your actions, it affects others more than you will ever know. And i can hardly stand the guilt i do feel knowing that God had a plan, and I didnt do what he asked of me. if i had just LISTENED!!...~oh boy, i gatta focus~

                 So In a lot of ways, Ive realized that winter, is a fasting of the seasons.  The green is stripped away, and replaced by cold bright white. What might have been a welcomed breeze, cuts you like a knife. The streams that babble are frozen over and smooth. At times, it seems I can almost feel how cold the trees must be with out the sun....

        .Fasting is meant to be an act of humility. We strip away the food of our flesh and by doing so, we allow ourselves to be humbled and our eyes opened. Then we can see on the harsh reality of this life...these bodies will not last forever. These bodies are weak. These bodies are at war with the fathers will everyday.  Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. All of these faults can be rooted to being born human.  All to often we allow our bodies to Rule our life. How foolish this IS!!! From the time we are born, we are dieing! It is or SOUL that needs to be feed. It is our SOUL that will pass into eternity! Make no mistake about it. you will be SOMEWHERE!  But where?I have asked Jesus to forgive my foolish heart so many times this winter. I have fallen and gotten back up, not by my strength in this body, but by Gods forgiveness and Grace, he lifts me up. and by his love I am led to green pastures and still waters. he restores my soul.

           This summer hold so much. I have my eyes opened.  I still have a lot of work to do this summer, Garden, Canning, summer homeschooling the kids, sewing, cleaning houses, church & community events I have already volunteered for (Im sure there will be more). My parents, Grandpa, My CRAZY relatives!!! lol  and not to mention building a house (hard to do when the hub is laid off...grr)

                                        But by his Love and forgiveness!

     I will  be enjoying the wonders that God has made for us in this world with a new heart.  The grass will be greener, the water more soothing,  and I will have a new perspective when i climb my favorite tree. As I lay in its branches, I will feel the warmth of the sun on my back....

                                                 God is Good. God is love.

                                                      God LOVES YOU!!!!!

Be Blessed


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