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What does it feel like to be alive

"What does it feel like to be alive? 

Living, you stand under a waterfall. You leave the sleeping shore deliberately; you shed your dusty clothes, pick your barefoot way over the high, slippery rocks, hold your breath, choose your footing, and step into the waterfall. The hard water pelts your skull, bangs in bits on your shoulders and arms. The strong water dashes down beside you and you feel it along your calves and thighs rising roughly backup, up to the roiling surface, full of bubbles that slide up your sk...Read more

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shanghai nightscapes

  I found the p...Read more

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Master Chef Fred Kan

Fred Kan, aka Shanghai's master chef, whipped up a little Canto-Italian Fusion at his house a couple weeks ago.  We're inclined to call the style "Kanfusion".  Apparently, that's the name of a new restaurant to be opening its doors quietly soon in Shanghai-- known only to a select group of highly-secretive epicures. apparently, though of course I don't know.  and you didn't read this here. Read more

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photojournal II

here's another photo blog from about a month ago.  I think i took 800 photos since then, so brace yourself for another couple episodes.

  1. My friend xuqing started a school in jiaxing, zhejiang province.

  2. We went there to visit.

3.It was still under construction so there was no where to sit except for the construction workers moped. Read more

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