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Android Homme New Season

Got mine.. Got yours? Only 200 pairs so get in quick!!

Check out James Stewart III or visit www.AndroidHomme.com

VIBE magazine's onboard

And if that ...Read more

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Does MK stand for Mong Kok?

NO it doesn't but thanks for asking

anyway woowww it has been like forever since i posted and i feel really bad about it... :-((

lots has been happening (not least of which moving to NYC which ill blog about later) but in the meantime Im going to try and catch up on some old news even if just for prosperity sake

starting with this.. Bamboo Star's debut single & MV " Where Do We Go (Where is Home)" feat. Jun Kung and a l...Read more

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Eminem vs Alive Not Dead

yeah so was browsing the internet and came across this cool website for a design competition for Eminem's UK release of his Relapse album

the campaign uses augmented reality so users can print off a special marker code and then paint over a virtual 3D image on their computer screens... pretty crazy stuff

anyway thought i'd play around so here's my Eminem vs Alive Not Deaddesign rendition

if ur crafty with ya fingers go create your own at www.t...Read more

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Jeanne Hartman Acting Workshop

yo yo!!

so sunday was one of the most fun days iv had in a while - at Jeanne's intro to acting workshop = total blast!!

have to say it was my first time doing anything like that. i have no problem getting up and spitting shit into a mic in front of total strangers but acting... dammn that was just plain HARD folks OMG

yeah ok so it didn't help that i had a brutal ...Read more

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Puke In My Mouth... yukkk

ok so u will hv all seen the smash youtube hit MV "Jizz In My Pants" riiight?

Well here is the sequel (for the ladies) which is just as funny :D

Puke In My Mouth.....?? GOLD!! haha

Watch "Puke in my Mouth" on CollegeHumor

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Baba Brinkman rocks GROUNDED

ok this is some crazy shit so you gotta check this guy out

Baba Brinkman (check his myspace) is a literary emcee currently touring with his adaptions of Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"... as a RAP... He recently performed at the Art Studio during the microfest here in Hong Kong and we had the chance to see him perform which was awesome

Basically, while...Read more

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MC Jin & 24 Herbs @ NBA.com Launch Party

suuup peeps!!!

so MC Jin & 24 Herbs blazed the spot at the NBA.com launch party last friday. Waz an awwwwsum show, the place w packed out but i think people in hk need to jump more.. like waayy more!!

anyway what did suck is mah phone camera mic culdnt handle the sound good enough (boom boom) so I had to throw a track behind this vid but left a couple raw bits in jus...Read more

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Be My Fan

HAHA so ok after registering almost a year ago and being bloody bone idol my

OFFICIAL ARTIST PROFILEwas finally released today!!! Im so excited such a nice surprise to find it this evening!!!


listen to the freestyle tracks and if you dig it.. then dig it hard and become a fan LOL

Thanks to Pat, Shan and the other AnD heavy hitters for continually doin such an awesome job!!!

Lovebig to yall!!

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John Legend in Venetian Macau

So after piecing together my brain and a few rugged phone clips and pics this is pretty much my memory of how this OFF THE HOOK party went down!!!

Had a MAX pad in the Venetian.. Thanks to Scotty "Danger Disco" Davies who hooked it up.. much love man

So check it out... The best weekend of 09 without a doubt!!! I think we all need to throw way more poolside parties... hahaa yeah


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...Read more

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Born in London, raised in New Zealand & recently ex Hong Kong, MK PASTELLE is a New York based FREESTYLE Hip Hop Emcee! Known to set mics on fire around tow

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