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103 Things i want to achieve in LIFE!

It’s original, but at some point I felt I needed some reachable goals in my life. And none of these are that far off, if you ask me. Listed in NO particular order.  Total is 103. ;)

*Get on an Airplane and sit by the window side. *Get published in a newspaper or a magazine. Done Oct 2005 *Attend a major sports event. Done Sept 1994 *Pass my Driving License. *Say “I love you”.  ...Read more

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Most Hilariously Failed Attempts at Sexy Album Covers!

2 of the Most Hilariously Failed Attempts at Sexy Album Covers IN MY OPINION! HAHA!


So you groggily wake up with a terrible hangover, you roll over in bed and see this

As with the above cover, you can just sense the nudity here. Naked Adam, with maybe a pair of moon boots on. We're guessing Adam posed ...Read more

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Soul Blood VS Left 4 Dead 2 Session

The addictive zombie game that will seriously bring friends together to play.

Full of joy, laughter, stupid moments, heart pumping moments, unintentional moments all brought together under one roof at PARKLANE LAN GAME.

For just this one game it bring friendship bonding closer and closer.

u shud try. ;)

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Stay home Saturday!

It's funny how

people demands respect from a caste system they entirely make up. Whatever happened to "Singapore is a democratic country.Everyone is equal"

I guess they just swallowed that up. I'm sick of working too hard

and never acknowledged. Face it, this world is cruel.

That's why i create a world of my own. My Life, My Balls and my world.

It's been along time since i update my blog! yes guess ya'll know it




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Back From Bloggin!

/END OF: hidesmalltxt  Random thoughts from the mind how i wish it could be just as simple like this =) Hey, shorty grab my hand

and walk with me

I'll crack a joke

and make you chuckle

Promenade up in the park with me

It's just a lil' me and you

Chill session

To change your foul perceptions

And your misconceptions

I'll sit you down

And make you look ...Read more

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A great blessing

cant get over my disorder

still trying to gain composure

sitting here writing this to myself

talking how much i be saving paper for the wealth

still is good for my future and my health

Life is full of darkness

open me up, see no light

you'll be surprised i'm full fright

always trying to make the wrong things right

but still i just make things worse

feels like i'm overcome by this curse

full of this shit till i got depression

but the l...Read more

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Right Kicks With the Right Chicks


HELL O TO MY NEW S ON! I AM YOUR FATHER! NOW!![](/attachments/2009/12/18/19/441152_200912181900051.thumb.jpg) The Nike Cassette Playa =)

December the month of shopping..! it feels sooooo gooddddddddddd!!

cuz the month of November i work so hard...!!

Now it balances it

and have i told u that i bought a new Nike Air Jordon Bag?

heh ;)

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Can't wait for someone to come along and prove to me that True Love does exists!!!

<3 Genting Highland/KL Getaway Trip with kuzzinz!

This is just 10% of some pictures...

the fun pictures will be uploaded soon by my kuz! CANT WAIT!

The most Awesome Trip Ever in my life! altho' it's just Genting! BUT It was MADNESS!!

...Read more

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Sasha, Where have u been? In my sweet dreams or a beautiful nightmare?

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A cry of the inner soul.

His arrogance and pride has often led man to behave as an oppressor and a tyrant. Some men have been so carried away by their own self-importance that they have even claimed divinity. Pharoah (Firaun), the ruler of Egypt, was among those who announced:

"I am your supreme lord."

With his sense of greatness and pride, Firaun subjugated the Israelites and made their lives wretched and miserable.

But is man really as strong and great as his ego tells him? The Quran tells us the reality of man's natur...Read more

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WELCOME to Mister Zinky's Official Blog!! This is my life, my balls and my world. =)

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