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Yummy Yummy

Hey Folks, off to work at a festival again this weekend. This time it is a food Festival in Edinburgh for two days called "A Taste of Spain". Assured I will have my meals provided at the festival....I love my job!!! :-)

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Architecture in Aberdeen


For my friends the above is a link to a documentary about architecture in the city where I work and grew up just outside: Aberdeen.

The documentary is made by an Englishman who writes about food, culture and architecture and has made many television documentaries about architecture. His style of narration can be very difficult, certainly quirky, but also challenging an...Read more

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If I haver, yeah, I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man whose haverin' to YOU!!

HI folks. I was working at a concert by the The Proclaimers last night. It's a good feeling being at a Proclaimers concert in Scotland. (maybe it is a good feeling to be at one of their concerts anywhere, I dunno). Some of their songs were big hits in many countries, but in Scotland the Proclaimers songs have almost become a part of the national consciousness in the twenty years since they first came to prominence.

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Heroes, Heroines, Inspirations....the stone of destiny :-)

I went for a swim in the citya few days ago then got a bus back out to the town where I live and got off in the town centre and went for a pint (and a half) of beer in my local pub. Then had a wander through the town centre, round the corner and down to our local bookshop where I picked up a couple of books and in the act of buying the second one I got an idea for the Blog I am overdue writing.

Heroes, heroines and inspirations.

The book is called "Stone of Destiny" and writ...Read more

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All in a days work

Hi friends, in my job, funny things happen sometimes and I was thinking of putting in a wee story occasionally about something that happened at work, that folks might enjoy. But you can tell me what you think of the first one and if I should write another.

I work as an event safety/security steward at pop/rock concerts, shows, football matches and all manner of events.

 Her Man

I was working last week at a concert by a Scottish Rock band called Runrig. The venue holds about 2500 people and was sold out. The venue ha...Read more

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