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Fantabulous Friday??

  1. What is the most fantabulous thing that has happened this week?

My son got a blue belt. He's been doing karate for 2 years. 息子が青帯になったこと!

  1. When you are feeling kinda down, what do you do to make yourself feel fantabulous?

Driving fast and singing in the car. 車を走らせて歌うことかな・・・

  1. If you could change one thing about your life that would make you feel more fantabulous, what would it be?

Hmmmm   I really don't know.  うーん...Read more

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Terence on TV Tokyo

I just finished watching the travel program about Macao. It was the one Terence mentioned in his blog. It was nice to see Terece on Japanese TV.

Macao is a lovely place. I've never been there. I found it really attractive. I wanna try Bungy jump from Macao tower.... Just kidding!

Terence talked in japanese a little bit.  Good job! Do you really like 出前一丁? Oishii?

By the way the main host  of the program, 愛川欽也 used to have a quiz show. I made a first appearance on TV...Read more

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Friday night

I had work in Chiba today. It took me 1 hour to go there by my lovely car. :P Every Friday I have work there and I enjoy driving to work. Love driving motorway in the morning! Up to 100 miles/hour!!!!! 

Yeah it's Friday night. I ate out with my friend. We went to an Italian restaurant. We were supposed to eat rice pizza. I saw the photo of it on the menu.... it didn't look good really. So we had pizza with crab and sparkling wine. Yum!

I want to try sweet pizza with apple and cream next time.

Have a nice weekend t...Read more

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First concert in his life

I went to Tokyo dome today to see the concert. Tokyo dome is not really good for a concert, I prefer Budokan. I can walk to Budokan from my flat. :P

Red Hot Chili Peppers!  Yaay!!

I've liked them for ages  but I hadn't see them before. My sister's friend works for a record company , so I got tickets from her. The show was great but it was only 90 minutes. The ticket cost 9000yen.( It's about 75USD)  I think It's a bit expensive. I wanted to see them 30 more minutes. When I was in London, tickets w...Read more

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Back from Hokkaido

I went to Hokkaido last week and stayed there for a few days to attend an anual meeting of Anesthesia.

Hokkaido is a big island. In northern part of Japan. We have rainy season except here, Famous for good food , such as Sushi, ramen, curry soup , lamb steak and BEER! I tried everything of course. This is the third time for me to come. I always enjoy staying here. Especially it is beautiful here this time of year and the weather is pleasant. And.... it was a free travel! My hospital paid almost everything. VERY LUCKY   Read more

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Being skinny

I live in a quite large flat in the centre of Tokyo.

( I'm sorry about my english. Should I say an apartment??)

I think I'm lucky to live here. Except parking space! It is really small. See the pic! There is no room. I have to pay 350 USD a month for it.

Lots of people say I don't look like a mother of a 7 years old boy. Because I'm thin.

Now you know the reason. I can't get out of my car if I put on weight!



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Drive to work

I drive to work lately. I like driving.

Driving can be lots of fun!

This morning I left for work 30 minutes earlier for some reasons. The traffic was heavy because of the accident. After all I arrived at work on time!


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restaurant...where we can do fishing :P

There are some interesting restaurants here in Tokyo.

I went to one of them last weekend. There was a big ship inside the restaurant and we can do fishing from there. We can eat the fish we get. Just chose how to cook! 

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Sunny weekend

It is really sunny today.

I went to Omotesando in the day.  It is the place I used to go everyday. My school is there. I took a picture for someone who wants to see Japanese scenery.  My school is the building with a pyramid on top. It is cool, isn't it?



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Hello from Tokyo :) My name is Mio. It means beautiful beginning loving life!

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