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He is coming to UK to see his friends

Today I took my son to Narita Tokyo airport. He is on the plane right now. We used to live in Chelsea ,London.  he still has some friends there. So he has some experiences of 12 hours flight. But this time, it is a bit different...actually totally different. He is coming to England alone! Of course he isn't really alone, He is going  there with some kids and tour guides. He is there for summer school, learning English, playing tennis, football....etc.....

This morning at the air port, I nearly cried to see te...Read more

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sun bathing

It was sunny today. I went swimming with my son and his friends. Actually I just took a lift to the swimming pool.

There is a small swimming pool on the top of the building. It's on the 21st floor. The building is between 2 rivers. I really like the beautiful view from the pool. I live on the 11th floor and can use it in summer. I think it's quite unusual for apartments in Japan. There is a jacuzzi as well.

Usually I use sun block lotion. I'm thinking of getting sun tan skin this year. For a change! I know it's bad...Read more

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over speeding

3 weeks ago I went to Narita airport to pick up John. On the way back to Tokyo, I saw something flashed. I was driving too fast.......

The speed limit was 100km/hour.  I was driving over 165km. Last week I got a letter from police. I had to go to police office for over speeding. I went there 3 days ago and saw the picture. Me and John were smilin...Read more

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Sweet talkers

I ate out with my sis and her boyfriend tonight. He is from Italy, living in London at the moment. I think he is a typical italian guy. He talks a lot about his mum and pizza!!

In my opinion italian guys are really sweet. My sis's boyfriend always gives me flowers when we eat out together. He gives me a little present too. They met in London 2 years ago. At that time my sister couldn't speak English. We went to a language school in Camdentown together. Every morning before we went to the school, we had coffe at Staubucks.(Sturbu...Read more

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Want some drink?

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Lantern festival

Every year I go to the festival at Yasukuni shrine. It is near my house. Fisrt time I went there I was only 8. Now my son is nearly 8. I'm sure he likes the festival.

There are thousands of lanterns. The pic was taken a few years ago. Each lantern dedicates to dead soldiers. I know  some people hate this shrine. We all have sad history bef...Read more

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Monsters in the restaurant

I went to the restaurant where monsters came...

It was a restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. I went there with my son and my sis. We were eating "Kiritanpo" which was northern Japanese traditional food. made from rice.  Suddenely there was an announcement.... "Namahage the monster is coming here soon. They are on Komachi, the bullet train right now. They like to eat naughty kids, so be careful! "

My son looked scared. I told him it was okay if he would hide under the table. He said "No! They will th...Read more

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Explosion in Shibuya

There was a big explosion in Shibuya yesterday. It happned at spa for girls. I really like to go to spa with my friend. I  take a bath, sauna, get massage, eat after midnight .....

See the pic. It's really bad, isn't it? 3 people died there.

I'm scared of going to spa. Not happy at all.  :(

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Father's day

It was Father's day yesterday. I went to sushi restaurant with my family. We enjoyed chatting and sushi of course.

I like tuna the best. Sushi is really popular all over the world. Once I went to Sushi restaurant in London. It was way too expensive and not so good. Yeah I knew that already before I went there. But you know, I missed sushi a lot at that time.

By the way... mother's day is in May here. In England , its in March. Father's day is the same date in both countries. How about other countries???

 <...Read more

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Rainy season

We are in the rainy season here in Tokyo. Actually rainy season started 2 days ago. Sometimes we don't notice that we are already in the rainy season.

Working as an orthopaedists, I'm gonna be busy real soon. Bad weather affects pain. Atomospheric depression makes your intervertebral disc expand. Then the root nerves have to go through narrow way.

Life time of  intervertebral discs are 40 years. They are the most breakable tissue in the human body.They are broken if you live longer and it gives you low back pain and leg p...Read more

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