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Happy Birthday

My son turned 8. Yaaay! I asked myself....have I changed in 8 years? My son couldn't  walk, talk ....couldn't do anything 8 years ago. Now he is a man. Sometimes he protects me, saying "my mum is the most important person to me in this world."

We had a birthday party at a french restaurant last week. His best friend came to Tok...Read more

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Special E-cotton balls

It wasn't a busy day today. So I learnt how to make cotton balls at my hospital. We use them to clean wounds.

Of course we can buy cotton balls. But they are small. There is an experienced nurse at my hospital. She is called Ms E! She makes special E-cotton balls from big cotton sheet.

See the pic. The small one is normal one...Read more

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I went to a court... a kind of !

Last week I took a whole day driving lesson.  I went to a court this week. Because of over speeding a few months a go. I went to the court to pay the fine. :(

I paid about 600USD. My american friend said the speeding ticket(?) just looked like the one he got before in the US.


By the way the fake profile on MyS...Read more

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Finally MySpace deleted that fake profile. I feel beter. At the same time I feel sorry for someone who paid for video chatting site.

I saw some comments on that profile. Some said I was beautiful and some said I was a stupid bitch......  

Anyway the profile doesnt exsist anymore. I haven't been in the mood for blogging for a while. Thanks for the comments ,AnD friends! You guys helped me a lot.

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Someone stole my pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Someone stole my pictures and made up profile on MYSPACE.

A few days ago, my friends emailed me and said she found something wired. It was a profile on MYSPACE. I checked it and was really surprised and schocked. Someone stole my pictures.



Now I'm really upset and asking to delete the pr...Read more

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back from Tinian

Finally my summer holidays finished. I'm back from Tinian today. Me and all my family enjoyed beach holidays a lot. We got suntan skin and white patch. Check my album to see the beautiful beaches in Tinian.


When we went through the gate of security at the airport, my son jumped through it .... twice! The security guard said he ha...Read more

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in Tinian

I'm in Tinian at the moment. I'm spending holidays with my family here.

I went to London to pick up my son after 1 week stay in Manchester. Me and my son went to the Lego land near Windsor castle and had dinner with my sister's italian boyfriend. He is working in London now. I flew to Japan and the next day I flew to Tinian. I've been sooooooooooo busy. Now I'm staying at a hotel in Tinian. Tinian is near Saipan, a part of northern mariana islands. It is famous for the place where Enola Gay flew from. Enola Gay flew to H...Read more

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From Manchester

Hello there!

I've been busy lately on holidays. I was in Manchester. It takes a few hours by Virgin train from London to get there. I dont know why...it takes 2hours 15min sometimes. It takes 4hours sometimes. And it takes over 5hours because I have to take a bus in the middle of the way. lol

I didn't do anything but shopping. There is a HUGE shopping mall near Manchester. It is said second largest shopping mall in Europe. Its called Old Trafford Centre. I went there to get my teddy bears. It is a collectible bear. Whe...Read more

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from London

Helloooooooooo from London

I arrived here this afternoon. It took 12 hours to come to London by the plane. I went to the airport by train this time. Don't blame me speeding anymore please.

I used to live in Chelsea, London. I went to a language school and one of my class mates is a university student now in London. She is from korea and her b/f is english. We are good friends because we have something in common.

Tonight I went to their flat for th...Read more

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So lonely

2 days passed since my son left for England. I miss him sooooooooo much. I was supposed to go out  for a drink but I didn't . I'm not in the mood for that.

Anyway I'm leaving for England soon. I'm goign to spend for a week in Manchester and then I'm gonna pick up my son! We are planning to go to Lego land. We've been there onc...Read more

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Hello from Tokyo :) My name is Mio. It means beautiful beginning loving life!

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