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Pole dance video

I go to the biggest pole dance studio in Japan.


This is the vid of my pole dance class.

Where am I ?????




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Burlesque and Pole tease lesson..... and my show!

Today I had "Burlesque and Pole tease lesson". The instructor was polish, her name is Ania. She usually teaches pole dancing in Hong Kong. I saw her picture on Marsha Yuan's blog. Of course Ania knows   "Alivenotdead.com"!  She is sooo hot.

It was 2 hours lesson.In the end of the lesso...Read more

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A few days ago I was at work and an ambulance came to the hospital. I saw the pateint and I recognized him. It was my patient who had had epidural block by me several hours ago. He was suffering from chest pain. I performed epidural block for thoracic vertebra. Ohhh did I do something wrong??? We checked electro cardiogram and found it was myocardial infarction. I talked to myself  "It's good! It wasn't my fault at all .......wait Mio... what was good? He is suffering from heart attack and he's in danger. " I was ashamed of myself fo...Read more

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traveling Hong Kong with Nintendo DS ! DSを持って香港を旅しよう!


Today I was supposed to get a travel guide. Because I am going to Hong Kong this weekend. Before I went to a bookstore, I went to see new mobile phones. Then I found something wired. It is called "Chikyu-no-arukikata Hong Kong on DS" . (It means how to walk in Hong Kong.) It is a famous travel guide in Japan.  And it is on Nintendo DS now!

I paid about 150HKD and got it. I'm not sure if It is useful. I will tell you after my trip. I almost bought Nintendo DS. My son said he...Read more

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at a french restaurant

Last week I went to a french restaurant near my house. The restaurant has been my favourite for 20 years. My son had his first birthday party there. 

When we nearly finished dinner, my son said to me "Mum, I have a job here." I didn't understand what he meant. He walked to a kitchen counter and started filling butter. He l...Read more

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new mobile

Yesterday I got a new mobile. It is called chocolate phone by LG. I had been using sony phone for a long time.

I went shopping and saw the chocolate phone. It looked lovely to me and I found I could use it in HK as well. I have UK Vodafone which is 3G. The new one is 3G plus GSM. I can use it all over the world... well, almost. As I'm going to ...Read more

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in Yokohama

I'm in Yokohama right now. It is 36km away from Tokyo. I came here to stay at a lux hotel and have chinese food. There is a china town in Yokohama.

Me and my son is staying at Royal park hotel which is located the highest place in Japan. We are on the 64th floor now. Unfortunately the weather isn't nice as typhoon is coming tomorrow. The view from this room must be beautiful if the weather is good.

My son is excited n...Read more

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Typhoon has gone!

It is clear and sunny today. I can see Mt. Fuji from the room on 64th floor. :)

Last night we went to China town and had chinese food. We had shark fin, abalone, lobster.... lots! After dinner we went shopping and bought some clothes. My son got a chinese style suit. He said he would do karate in the suit.

I put another Mt. Fuji pic....Read more

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Have you ever heard of IELTS?


IELTS......International English Lanuage Testing System

It is an english exam for foreign students, likeTOEFL.,but for entering university in the UK.

I work all weekend so often lately. My parents have  their own hospital in Tokyo. It is a small private hospital running by just 3 doctors, me, my dad...Read more

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Hello from Tokyo :) My name is Mio. It means beautiful beginning loving life!

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