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watching theatre play at Durian theatre

I've been staying in Singapore for a long time...

I tried Durian first time the other day. (Just one bite)

Ahhh so smelly!

I got used to it.

This is Durian

And this is Esplanade theatre which looks like Durian 

Why did I go there??

I was there to watch "December Rain"

There was a big poster outside of Esplanade.

Look at left side

Zooooom  in!  Who is holding umbrella??

I went there on 7th and 8th August. Yes, I watched twice. The play is all in Mandarin but there is English subtitle.I was busy reading subtitle at first show. Next day, I could enjoy the show more without reading subtitles. All songs are very nice. It was a great show!


P.S. I didn't like Durian. I like pau :P



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Funny shape!
over 9 years ago
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Photo 49112
my god... no durian....
over 9 years ago
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Cute pic! I like durian but hubby hates it. He tells me to go into the washroom to eat it...! I just eat it when he isn't home!
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Photo 99117
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Mio-sun、どこに向かっているんですか・・・? LOL
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I don't like durian..
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