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Sweet talkers

I ate out with my sis and her boyfriend tonight. He is from Italy, living in London at the moment. I think he is a typical italian guy. He talks a lot about his mum and pizza!!

In my opinion italian guys are really sweet. My sis's boyfriend always gives me flowers when we eat out together. He gives me a little present too. They met in London 2 years ago. At that time my sister couldn't speak English. We went to a language school in Camdentown together. Every morning before we went to the school, we had coffe at Staubucks.(Sturbucks is everywehere!!)Luciano, the italian guy used to work near the starbucks in Camdentown and he fell in love with my sis at first sight at Sturbucks. He kept asking my sis to marry and she was just smiling because she didn't understand English at all. It was really funny. We ate out together so many times and a few months later my sis could understand his English finally!

1 year passed since we were back from London. Luciano keeps coming see my sister. Now she speaks Italian English. I can't understand thier English sometimes. He says he can live anywhere but he can't live without my sis. Awwww that's so sweet.  :P  Compare to Japanese guys, most italian guys are sweet talkers. My son is exceptional. He said he didn't realize that his mummy was so lovely before he was born, Because he couldn't see my face being inside of my tummy.



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ha! be careful, italian guys are infamous for this!
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Your sister is pretty and Luciano a cute Italian guy. He's really a sweet-talker. Too sweet, if you ask me. haha.
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oh what a good looking couple,good match!
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awww thanks. I will tell them tomorrow! Luciano went to fish market yesterday. He had 3 glasses of beer and sushi.
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wow they are so sweet together. wat a love story : love at the 1st sight at starbucks... how come i dun get that hahahha just kidding =P. and ur son is definitly a sweet talker too, watch out when he grows up =D
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sweet couple.
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妹さん可愛いね。ちょっと幼い感じ? お姉さんの方が凛とした色っぽさがあるかな。 幸せそうなカップルを見ると、おすそ分けを貰ったような気がするわ。
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What a cute story!
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