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Rainy season

We are in the rainy season here in Tokyo. Actually rainy season started 2 days ago. Sometimes we don't notice that we are already in the rainy season.

Working as an orthopaedists, I'm gonna be busy real soon. Bad weather affects pain. Atomospheric depression makes your intervertebral disc expand. Then the root nerves have to go through narrow way.

Life time of  intervertebral discs are 40 years. They are the most breakable tissue in the human body.They are broken if you live longer and it gives you low back pain and leg pain. You can send me a message if you are suffering from  pain. I'm a specialist. 


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You look so pretty in that picture! If I have any problems, I'll keep you in mind to ask. :)
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Aoi terence c2 2012 01 07 17 dot 05 dot 04
こっちの写真の方が私の趣味だわ。 可愛いよん。 腰痛解消のため、日々(一週間目)筋トレしてまーす。でも、一昨日のバタフライ集中レッスンのため腰ががたがたです。ははは。それより気圧の変化の偏頭痛の方が深刻かな?私は。
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ack, i only have a few years before its all over! :-D
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Stephen 93 stephen
Very nice picture... it's been raining nearly every day here in Hong Kong. Today was the first sunny day for weeks so everyone was out shopping and smiling. Good day!
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Thanks a lot! It seems everyone likes this picture. I was bored at work and took this pic by myself. Should I change my head shot?? :P
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Sorry, no pain to report, Sexy Doctor! haha. Maybe some advice on what a person should do if their back starts to hurt bc of the disc expansion. I'm curious.
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Aoi terence c2 2012 01 07 17 dot 05 dot 04
んー、聴診器持ってるとこの方が萌え度高いかも。 artistじゃないのにファンが出来そう。
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Photo 24273
If you start hurting .... you should go to hospital! You can recover quickly if you get treatment soon. 聴診器は整形外科医は外来で使うことがほとんどないんですよ。普段は手術室におきっぱなしです。
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