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pole dance and bollywood dance

During my stay in Singapore, I took a few dance lessons every day.  First  I learnt pole dancing. I took private lessons 3 times a week. I had always avoided pole trick, upside down things. " It is way too acrobatic! It is not a dance anymore.  I prefer dancing! The way I thought was ok if I always dance alone. But I do dance as a team, Last June when I danced with my friends I was the only one who was not confident to do up side down. :(

I found a nice small dance studio at boat quay. It's called Groove.

This is my instructor Renee. She is cute and nice. She knows how to teach pole dance!

And she taught me these pole tricks

It was really hard. Everyday I got new bruises and it was really painful. I need more muscles. I'm still scared of doing pole tricks.

I also learnt bollywood dance. It was fun and enjoyable. I didn't take pictures at class because it was not a private class.

This is my instructor Sri. He has 5-6 classes a week and he choreograph for each class. All different and pretty good choreopraph. I enjoyed a lot.

When I'm back in Tokyo, I want to continue learning bollywood dance. So I looked for it on the internet. I found a one bollywood dance studio. (It seems there is only one in Tokyo.) And it was 5 minutes walk from my place! Wow! It maybe a destiny to continue bollywood dance. hahaha

P.S. I don't have palm tree but I do have a pole at home.


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Does your head touch the floor?
about 10 years ago
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you are ready to be an actress for bollywood!!! :D
about 10 years ago
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Oh wow, lotsa muscles for this one! Teehee...
about 10 years ago
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bollywood dance looks funny!
about 10 years ago


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