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over speeding

3 weeks ago I went to Narita airport to pick up John. On the way back to Tokyo, I saw something flashed. I was driving too fast.......

The speed limit was 100km/hour.  I was driving over 165km. Last week I got a letter from police. I had to go to police office for over speeding. I went there 3 days ago and saw the picture. Me and John were smiling happily. I asked police officer that I wanted the pic.He said he wanted to give it to me but he couldn't. Because it was a clue of over speeding.  :(

I have to go to court next month to pay for the fine. It will cost 700 USD. Now I'm working at my hospital. I work all weekend to pay for it. 48 hours! I hate nightshift !!!!

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Oh no! That's cute you asked for the picture though. ^^;;
almost 13 years ago
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Oh oh. Sometimes we forget how fast we're going when we're having fun.
almost 13 years ago
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oh they used a camera? damn 700 is takai! next time wear a mask when you speed! :-P
almost 13 years ago
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Mask doesn't work! I was wearing glasses!!!
almost 13 years ago
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doh, you're stuck! don't worry, if make $350 a day, you can afford it! ;-)
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Stephen 93 stephen
Holy moly! $700 USD for a speeding ticket is ridiculous -- or did you have a bunch of tickets before? Actually, I believe they're required to give you a copy of the photo in the U.S. since it's evidence in traffic court... maybe you can do some speeding over in the U.S...
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It was the first tickt for me.In my entire life!!! I am a good driver basically. I just enjoy driving first sometimes. :P Can I do over speeding in US? lol I'm worried about cars going the other side. Cars go on the LEFT side in Japan and England, you know.
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