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Monsters in the restaurant

I went to the restaurant where monsters came...

It was a restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. I went there with my son and my sis. We were eating "Kiritanpo" which was northern Japanese traditional food. made from rice.  Suddenely there was an announcement.... "Namahage the monster is coming here soon. They are on Komachi, the bullet train right now. They like to eat naughty kids, so be careful! "

My son looked scared. I told him it was okay if he would hide under the table. He said "No! They will think I'm a naughty kid if I am hididng." So we waited for the monsters.

A few minutes later. the monsters arrived. They were looking for naughty kids. Fortunately they didn't think my son was a naughty kid. He talked to the monsters and promised that he would be a good boy.


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That's a cute story! hehe.
about 13 years ago
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Oh, I'd be so scared if I was a little kid. Is this part of what the restaurant does for the little diners? That's a little funny too.
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what? real monsters don't come by and chat before they decide whether or not to eat you! they just do it! :-D
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The pic was taken inside of the restaurant. There were 2 monsters. While people were watching red Namahage the monster, the blue one was coming from other side.
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秋田のなまはげですね。 ぼくが怖がって隠れちゃうのもわかります。 きりたんぽおいしかったですか? 今度は山形の芋煮もどうぞ。
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hey, at least it's a nice monster, he announces his arrival :p sounds funny, I'ld love to go to that restaurant xD
about 13 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
haha, cute and brave son!
about 13 years ago
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私も小さい時はマジ怖くて泣きました。 今はナマハゲに会う機会もないですね。 きりたんぽは好きでたまに鍋したり、 本当にたまに気が向けば焼いて食べたりしました。 懐かしいですね~。
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