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Lantern festival

Every year I go to the festival at Yasukuni shrine. It is near my house. Fisrt time I went there I was only 8. Now my son is nearly 8. I'm sure he likes the festival.

There are thousands of lanterns. The pic was taken a few years ago. Each lantern dedicates to dead soldiers. I know  some people hate this shrine. We all have sad history before.

Unfortunately it is raining today. I hope tomorrow will be sunny.

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err... yeah i will never go to that place! its not just about sad history in the past, they are trying to rewrite history right now. :-(
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Sad that people had their lives cut short but isn't there some negativity about this particular shrine? Well, depends on how you look at it.
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That's sad
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The shrine was built for dead soldiers including A-class war criminal. I go there to pray for the doctor who worked for captives. He did his job, but there werent enough medicine at that time. He was executed as a A-class war criminal.
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