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Hort park

After 5 weeks of summer holidays, I'm back in Tokyo. I feel comfortable at home and I miss Singapore at the same time.

The last day in Singapore, I went to Hort park. That day, I was totally hangover because of champagne the day before...

I got up around 3 pm. It was sunny when I left home but when I was in a taxi. it started raining. 

I arrived at Hort park, it wasn't raining.

But it started raining heavily.

I spent for a while at in-room garden.

Luckily it stopped raining. So we walked around the park. It was beautiful and quiet time.

I've booked next 2 trips already.  First I'm going to Osaka the end of this month. Then I will go to Hong Kong and Guanzhou in September. I'm looking forward it.  :)

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When are you going to HK in Sept? I will be there too! Let's hang out:)
over 9 years ago
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you're lucky you can go on so many trips~
over 9 years ago
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Nice pics. When will you be in HK in Sept?
over 9 years ago
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nice pic
over 9 years ago


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