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He is coming to UK to see his friends

Today I took my son to Narita Tokyo airport. He is on the plane right now. We used to live in Chelsea ,London.  he still has some friends there. So he has some experiences of 12 hours flight. But this time, it is a bit different...actually totally different. He is coming to England alone! Of course he isn't really alone, He is going  there with some kids and tour guides. He is there for summer school, learning English, playing tennis, football....etc.....

This morning at the air port, I nearly cried to see tears in my son's eyes. He didn't cry. He kissed me and said good bye to me. He is still 7. I'm really proud of him. My dad blamed me that England was one of the most dangerous place in the world. Actually he didn't say he wanted to go there. But I'm sure he will have good experiences there. He is gonna make some mew friends, maybe a new girl friend. :P

After he left for London, I drove to home. This time I didn't drive fast. Next time I get caught, I will lose my driver's liscense. Todat driving made me really sleepy. I was worried if I fell asleep! I asked myself  "Should I drive faster?"

Instead of over speeding, I sang in my car. I noticed I haven't been to Karaoke for a while.

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oh wow, 7 is young to send him off to a foreign country? how long is the trip?
about 13 years ago
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only 2 weeks. I'm gonna pick him up after spending time in Manchester myself.
about 13 years ago
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oh that's not bad. i think i could handle 2 weeks if i were 7. :-D
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His English is better than mine. So he has no problems!
about 13 years ago
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I think he will appreciate this experience when he grows older. I think he'll appreciate it now too bc it's something different and he'll see his friends again. Good idea.
about 13 years ago
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aww...it must've been sad saying goodbye but he'll be back soon! You're a cool mom to let him go on this trip!
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2週間も行ってるんだ! それは寂しいね。 近くに居たら、おいしいワインを飲もうって夜遊びに誘うのに。
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It's still gonna be a tough 2 weeks....
about 13 years ago
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I took my first out-of-country trip by myself for three weeks when I was that age, too. Sent to Taiwan to go to summer camp... I think it'll be a good growing up experience for him.
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Your son is so cute! I can underdstand your feeling of seeing him to go on his way alone. My Amelie will go to school by end-Aug., and I feel sad now, cos she never leaves me more than 2 hours. I wonder if I'll cry too.
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i can't believe that he is your son....so cute and you look very young as well...lol
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