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Fish Spa

We tried Fish Spa first time at Night Safari. Fish eat your dead skin and you will get smooth feet after that.

Actually Taiga wanted to try this last summer but I refused. This year we tried for 5-10 minutes.

Wash your legs up to your knees before the session

Then put your legs


Taga said he felt good but I felt it ticklish

our legs. Fish is eating our skin!

Taiga really liked it and he had another 30 minutes session next day at Marina square. It was 28SD for 30 minutes. (about 20 USD)  He tried some different  size of fish pool. He says he prefer small fish pool because the bite is soft.

You wanna try?






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hahaha i got my experience in thailand, when i was up in the waterfalls up north shooting a sunsilk commercial. i was swimming in the water. and felt somthing bite my foot and i got so scared yelled out and tried to climb the rock next to me sooo fast... hahaha it was so scary. i thought it was a alligator because b4 i got on set i saw the crew tie one up and pull it out of the water. omg so scary. lol then i looked in the water all i saw was fish. so i put my feet back down and it was the FISH who was biting me... LOL
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i was really scared of that shit !!!
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we went to one spa in China where you get in a big pool up to your neck full of these and they cover your whole body. i refused to do it though. i don't want to be on the menu! :-P
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kimochi dayo! it really feels good actually once u try it
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Is it popular to do in Japan?
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hahaha Taiga-kun kawaii!!
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