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Father's day

It was Father's day yesterday. I went to sushi restaurant with my family. We enjoyed chatting and sushi of course.

I like tuna the best. Sushi is really popular all over the world. Once I went to Sushi restaurant in London. It was way too expensive and not so good. Yeah I knew that already before I went there. But you know, I missed sushi a lot at that time.

By the way... mother's day is in May here. In England , its in March. Father's day is the same date in both countries. How about other countries???


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Stephen 93 stephen
Because my family is spread out all over the world (I'm in Hong Kong, my father is in Los Angeles, my mother is in Washington, D.C.), I haven't been able to celebrate father or mother's day with them in many years. Sushi is popular all over the world but the quality varies ALOT. I love uni, but didn't realize what uni SHOULD be until I ate freshly cut uni in Dalian (across from Japan in China). I didn't realize how good fresh tuna SHOULD be until I ate at Tsukiji. Other places (San Francisco, Seattle, Xiamen, Hong Kong) have good seafood, but the preparation is just not the same. Good sushi chefs, but sometimes they don't have access to good, fresh ingredients. I wish I were able to get such good sushi everywhere... I once had dim sum in London -- very nice restaurant, but nothing compared to dim sum that I had yesterday in Hong Kong... heheh...
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mothers day is in may in the US... ps - Sushi is an abomination! 全然食べません!魚が嫌いよ!(日本に住んでいましたけど。。。)
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I had dim sum many times in London. It was okay for me. If you ask me, I addmit dim sum in Hong Kong is much nicer! I've tried once. :P
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I probably haven't had the really good sushi before. XD
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やっぱり寿司は回っちゃ駄目よね。 と言いながら気仙沼出身の私は生魚が食べられません。唯一食べられる刺身はあわびだけ(爆) でも、一応見る目はあるかも、おいしい焼き魚は大好きだから。
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Father's day in US is also the 2nd Sunday of June, or 17th this year. Sushi's yummy. I don't like the fishy sashimi though. Mostly tuna and salmon I'm ok with. I've visited Tokyo twice and I absolutely love eating there. Better than eating in HK.
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Hello from Tokyo :) My name is Mio. It means beautiful beginning loving life!

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