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Burlesque performance

I wanna be a burlesque dancer!

Burlesque style is all about sexy sophistication. It is about tease and seduction. To dress burlesque is to dress like a lady - a lady with a naughty side! Burlesque is about stockings, corsets, high heels, feather boas, satin gloves, vintage clothes and old fashioned glamour.. Dita Von Teese is a famous burlesque dancer who used to be a wife of Marilyn Manson. I really like this style of dance. I also love costumes and music. I have been doing burlesque pole and chair dance at artflow for 2 years now.  And last June I did the first performance as a burlesque dancer. Burlesque queen , Ania choreographed for us.

I was quite happy on the stage. So I smiled a lot when I was performing. And it was quite "burlesque" !!

Sending kiss to audience!

This is my lovely dance partner, Andrea. At artflow studio, seems only we do burlesuque style. We are planning next performance.

Thanks Loan for the pictures! :)




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wow ... i wish i was there !!!
almost 10 years ago
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cho pink!
almost 10 years ago
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cool. looks like you're having fun!
almost 10 years ago


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