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跟她的偶像合影 . Chasing idols. #littlefans #pinkfongbabyshark #pinkfong #cqcpinkfong

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Happy Birthday Junior boy! It would have been your 16th birthday today. Missing you dearly especially your smelly mouth. #korkor

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“Flowers for Mama, Ah Mak Mak, junior”! . . .


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Go be free Inuka. You won’t feel lonely anymore. #farewell #inuka #singaporelastpolarbear

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Inuka 加油!


Inuka is 27yrs old = 70yrs old a polar bear’s age. Old man be strong! ❤️ . . .

Inuka #Singaporezoo #polarbear

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Delicious Home-baked muffins. Baked by little Sister and @bygracce #bakewithlove #missytheminibullterrier #bullterrierlove #hbd #nineyrold

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Happy Birthday to my 9year old puppy-like timid #missytheminibullterrier #bullterrierbirthday #nineyearsold

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Start young! #2yrold

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keep Calm and look for mum . . . .

Repost @swimkies.sg with @get_repost

・・・ For babies and toddlers, learning to re-orientate themselves after falling into the water is vital! Here’s 2yr old T remaining calm and going back to mummy after being dropped into the pool! Awesome Job! #swimkies #keepcalmandlookformom #babytoddlerswimming

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Day out with the lil’one Children’s garden #gardensbythebay

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