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John Lewis "Woman" Ad

Its a smooth and beautiful life. Do you want it?

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I fit myself on the paintings.

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“Got a really good thing” MV for Twist Tongue

Got a really good thing from oceanwarmair on Vimeo. Direction: Oceanwarmair

Art direction: Oceanwarmair

Assistant Director: Mike Chan

Characters shoot in England:

DOP: Jeff Lye

Cast : Mike Chan

Make up: Yandis Ying

Ballerina scene shot in Thailand

Direction: Lostinspace, oceanwarmair

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N.A.S.A 'Gifted'

NASA from Teenocide on Vimeo.

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Pierre Michel - Fire Flower

Like the way he make the fire and the particle. So pretty.....

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The Dead Weather- Treat Me Like Your Mother

I like Jonathan Glazer's works. Very dark.

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The Glue Society - Misfit

I haven't see this kind of style for a video for long time.

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The Tielman Brothers

Thank you Matt Copper. I really like it.

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Ice Egg T-shirt

T-shirt print design for Makin Jan Ma.

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Please Say Something by David OReilly

Please Say Something - Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.

This animation is really cute and I like the way he tell the story.

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Hong Kong
July 30, 2008