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100202 - YongDuSan Park

few days ago, i visited YongDuSan Park(one of attraction of Pusan) with my friend.

This park's name is YongDuSan Park(용두산공원,龍頭山公園)

Yes!! 'YongDu' means Dangon's head.

and really!! also exsits Dangon's statue.

look at the Below pics~~

Entrance of Park


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100127 - Travel to GyeongJu

Recently i'v been to GyeongJu by myself.

GyeongJu was capital of ancient country Silra. and nowdays came into the spotlight cuz drama "The Queen Of Sunduk(선덕여왕)"

I toured several place, there was many magnificents. i can't forget still.

Below, i'll publish my pics only taken by Canon 1000D. (although this camera is for novice, it is also high-definition camera.)


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100127 - Travel to GyeongJu (2)

Gyeongju National Museum


statue of Buddha


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091212 - Travel to Seoul (1)

Recently, i've been to Seoul.

although Seoul is my hometown, i moved to Busan when i was 6, i have little memory about Seoul.

i took a exam(Korean national exam to enter the university) 1 month ago, then i want to pastime.

opportunely, my teacher told me "if you come to seoul, i'll buy you delicious lunch."

anyway, i leave for seoul by oneself.


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091209 - Mt.PalGong

recently i have new hobby. that is mountain climbing!!!

lately, my father frequently climb Mt.PalGong, so i went together with Dad.

it locate in Dae-Gu, so we first took a sightseeing bus in order to get to Dae-Gu,

after arrival, we got of, and climbed.

Mt.PalGong is famous for Gatbawi, it is known to realize one's only 1 wish.

I bowed 108 times at the front of Gatbawi. my wish is... secret!!!

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091207 - HaeDong YongGung Temple

i have no specific religion.

but my father belive in Buddhism, i sometimes visited temple.

if you ask me that what is my favorite temple,

i would answer like this "HaeDong YongGung Temple(海東龍宮寺)!! Because it has superb view!!"

and second reason why i like this place is food!!

near temple, there is Chinese food place.

i ate JaJangMyun & Jjam Bbong with my friend, i can't forget the taste cuz it is really yummy!!

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091127 - my travel to Miryang

 i've dreamed planless travel, this time i actualized with my friend.

my destination is Miryang ! it is in near Pusan.

in old days, Miryang was rural community.

but by degrees, it becomming urbanization.

probably.. coexistence city between rural area and urban area?

  1. near Pusan(Busan) station

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091010 - PIFF

★ pic of 2009 pusan international film festival★


  1. Welcome to PIFF!


  1. District9

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Our Former President Kim Dae-jung passed away today. R.I.P.

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I watched 'The Shinjuku Incident'

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