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  • Hi This is Blue, Welcome to my profile, and please post some comment to me. Whatever I will glad to you.
    How to introduce who I am. I am alive in this world. And I can't tell you when I will be die.
    I am learning what's colors, materials, time and especially stones are how to change the life between the world and me.
    How the realism are how to influence to me and people, and what for. And also what we are doing recently.
    Some memories are never fade...

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  • Blue' memory 4

    Monday, Dec 29, 2008 1:22AM / Standard Entry

    Some Memories are never fade

    Eat Hearting

    Never Never Never Never Never Never
    Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever

    Use to talking
    Use to my style
    Use to thinking
    Use to comments
    Use to running
    Use to crazy
    Use to my self
    Use to moving
    Use to
    Use to
    Use to
    Use to

    Always Always Always Always Always

    where are you
    Where do you go
    Where can I find
    Where will be go


    This is not strange
    This is not normal
    This is not me
    This is not you
    This is not us
    This is Love

    Love Love Love Love Love

    Just Just Just Just Just Just

    Night Night Night Night Night.............
    non stop night
    mid night to good morning................
    I am eat hearting
    Eat Hearting
    right ..... I am right
    No you are not right
    I means you are always right

    where is my right
    I am going on bar
    I am going on riverside
    I am going to dreaming
    I am going to somewhere

    What for going
    What for doing
    What for hearting

    Never me and Ever me


  • Blue' memory 3

    Monday, Dec 29, 2008 1:11AM / Standard Entry

    Some Memories are never fade


    The nights is so longer for mad life
    What ever I do when I open the missing link?
    What is this feeling I have?
    Am I fooling?
    Really, this movement is falling in past, present or future.
    These stupid secret I hope no one knew…

    The simple you gave me where am I standing
    The simple you made me how long have I standing
    The simple you spend with me what I am busy or else
    The simple you stole what I am thinking in nightly perfect
    The simple you loaded here what the especially cheerful of smiley eye

    Let’s take our night
    Let’s take our chance
    Our every minute and second
    Because I‘d been so happy staying at these nights

    Is this something wrong with me?

    This was one part I really don’t want to miss


  • Blue' memory 2

    Monday, Dec 29, 2008 1:07AM / Standard Entry

    Some memories are never fade

    I want to sleep

    I am copy of the nightmare
    I always share something to somewhere
    I have live in every night

    I can't sleep,
    cause your smile,
    still lingers
    within my eyes

    "I know that you want me to sleep but I cannot sleep thoughts of you keep me awake. I listen to the music you suggest and all I can do is imagine you. It reminds me of you so happy and carefree I can see you smiling. Everyday I wait I think of nothing but you how did you cast this spell on me. I am love sick this is true no doctor can cure what ails me. I hope this spell you cast on me will stay with me for an eternity. You have a power you see that captivates me; you`re in my every thought. Thank you for the gift you gave me you gave life back to me. When all is said and done you`re the only one for me please grow old with me? I love you and I want and need you to be with me."

    I can't sleep,
    Because you
    are so far away


  • Blue' memory 1

    Monday, Dec 29, 2008 1:05AM / Standard Entry

    Some Memories are never fade

    Hello Moon

    The moon is full tonight
    Maybe I'll be alright?
    I never am quite sure
    If I'll be calm
    or grow some fur !

    Maybe I'll be uptight
    Go to the bar and
    start a fight

    Maybe I'll be demure
    or be happy
    I'm just not sure

    When the full moon
    is in sight
    My chemistry changes
    that very night

    When the full moon
    embraces me
    Whatever will be
    Will be !

    Moon and I have something...
    Capture it!
    Store it for the future
    Till next full moon day!
    Capture it!
    Capture it!



  • Hi This is Blue, Welcome to my profile, and please post some comment to me. Whatever I will glad to you.
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