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  • Happy Mooncake Eatin'!

    Saturday, Sep 29, 2007 5:35PM / Members only

    So I just discovered this thing called FIRE!  :) What I mean is there is this troupe of fire dancers and performers that set things on fire like sabres, staffs, poi, etc.  It is beautiful with an element of danger and that's  what I'm all about baby! The beauty is so inspiring b/c it reminds me of how amazing nature is and how this world is so much bigger than what we see day to day. I'm going to start next week! Yay! The training front is going strong.  I started a new acting class in the Valley that I am enjoying very much.  I work with some fantastic actors and it helps with my personal life b/c I become more sensitive and really get to know myself and those around me.  Also, I am learning mantis and teaching a lot more.  Some of the best in the business are working with me on fight choreography, training and falls and reactions.  I feel very fortunate to be working with some hardcore people.  But man do they kick my arse!  I am sore for days! Recently, in the past two months, I did a horror film where I played a vicious man eating zombie, hosted an NBC show called YourLA, did motion capture for Gotchaman the new feature, booked a print ad for an mp3 download software called (you'll love this) Masterbeat, booked a national spot for Budlight, and did a costar on Moonlight.  I have a hosting gig for 'High Octane', an on demand show and a role in a new Michael Jai White movie called 'Blood N Bones' coming up.  Watch out for updates on those! 

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  • Hello!

    Tuesday, Sep 18, 2007 6:34PM / Members only

    Welcome to my page! I am excited to have this profile up on this cool site.

    Please look around to find out more about me and don't forget to stop and say hi!

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  • Official artist 
    posted on Thursday, Dec 15, 2011 10:43PM  [Report]
    U R Alive...Woohoo ; ]
  • posted on Thursday, Dec 30, 2010 8:21PM  [Report]
    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
  • posted on Wednesday, Sep 29, 2010 1:03AM  [Report]
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋節快樂!
  • Official artist 
    posted on Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010 10:36AM  [Report]
    whoa! fantastic shots!
  • posted on Friday, Jun 18, 2010 10:26AM  [Report]
  • Official artist 
    posted on Tuesday, Jun 1, 2010 5:33PM  [Report]
    Great, action is also very chic
  • posted on Sunday, May 16, 2010 7:01AM  [Report]
    Michelle... I'd really like to say that you're one of my most favorite actors ;-)
  • posted on Monday, Apr 12, 2010 10:54AM  [Report]
    Hey Michelle-
    Just had to stop by and say Hello!
    Will you be doing any martial arts movie soon. Beauty and the arts is an awesome experience.
    I saw enjoyed movie Blood n Bone, but think I need to watch it again.
    Take care......
  • posted on Saturday, Jan 2, 2010 1:59AM  [Report]
    Have a Happy and Safe New Year!!!! See you on myspace.com.
  • posted on Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009 3:58AM  [Report]
    Hi Michelle!... You are a great girl, everyone should take your example...martial arts...my dream:X:X:X
  • posted on Tuesday, Nov 24, 2009 8:29AM  [Report]
    hello my friend just stoping by to say hi have a good thank'sgiveing and my you be blessed and prosper and your family have harmany togther during these holiday's my you be blessed and prosper.
  • posted on Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 5:07AM  [Report]
    TO my friends check my new music out from my friends at the ibc and let me know if you like it.
  • posted on Monday, Oct 5, 2009 8:20AM  [Report]
    hi hope all is well with you and hope to see your film soon will you tell me what films your in I would like to watch them and hope its a martial arts film be blessed and prosper .
  • posted on Tuesday, Jun 30, 2009 4:28AM  [Report]
    hi,how are you??
  • posted on Thursday, May 28, 2009 8:44AM  [Report]
    just wanted to say hope you will check my profile out and hope we can be friend's my you be blessed and prosper.
  • Official artist 
    posted on Saturday, May 16, 2009 10:53PM  [Report]
    wow. really great stuff
  • Official artist 
    posted on Friday, May 8, 2009 3:56PM  [Report]
    hey ML...HOWS IT GOING...well hope all is well...latz
  • posted on Tuesday, Apr 21, 2009 5:34PM  [Report]
    hi michelle u sound like a very active person and also confident i wish icould be confident of my every day life and also kick ass here in south africa but like u say the wolrd is bigger than our day to day life

    fan jessicajane
  • Official artist 
    posted on Monday, Apr 13, 2009 4:18PM  [Report]
    Happy Easter!

    Looking forward to see Blood And Bone!

    Keep up the great work!
  • posted on Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009 4:09PM  [Report]
    this my first wishes through net
    it is for you happy every day enjoy every day
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