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Happy Mooncake Eatin'!

So I just discovered this thing called FIRE!  :) What I mean is there is this troupe of fire dancers and performers that set things on fire like sabres, staffs, poi, etc.  It is beautiful with an element of danger and that's  what I'm all about baby! The beauty is so inspiring b/c it reminds me of how amazing nature is and how this world is so much bigger than what we see day to day. I'm going to start next week! Yay!

The training front is going strong.  I started a new acting class in the Valley that I am enjoying very much.  I work with some fantastic actors and it helps with my personal life b/c I become more sensitive and really get to know myself and those around me.  Also, I am learning mantis and teaching a lot more.  Some of the best in the business are working with me on fight choreography, training and falls and reactions.  I feel very fortunate to be working with some hardcore people.  But man do they kick my arse!  I am sore for days!

Recently, in the past two months, I did a horror film where I played a vicious man eating zombie, hosted an NBC show called YourLA, did motion capture for Gotchaman the new feature, booked a print ad for an mp3 download software called (you'll love this) Masterbeat, booked a national spot for Budlight, and did a costar on Moonlight.  I have a hosting gig for 'High Octane', an on demand show and a role in a new Michael Jai White movie called 'Blood N Bones' coming up.  Watch out for updates on those! 

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Welcome to my page! I am excited to have this profile up on this cool site.

Please look around to find out more about me and don't forget to stop and say hi!

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